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Student Awards

Group Awards


PRESENTER Conference Travel Award (CTA)


A student must satisfy all of the following criteria to be eligible (effective September 1, 2013):


Must be a degree seeking graduate student with at least 12 credit hours earned.


Must be registered for at least one credit hour every semester (Except Summer).


Must be a member of a properly registered and active GSA group.


Must be presenting original research in the form of papers/posters or chairing a panel/session at a conference.

Graduate Students a) whose conference travel is supported by departmental and/or advisor's external grants (including but not limited to federal, state and local government or industry grants awarded externally to UC), or b) who are traveling to a conference as an employee of such grants are no longer eligible for GSGA conference travel awards due to changes in University of Cincinnati student travel policy.

Auditions , job talks and interviews are ineligible.
Check with GSGA, before the conference, if you are not sure about your compliance with this requirement.

General Rules


If you did not pay for your expenses and are trying to reimburse your advisor (or some other UC source) from the GSGA, please contact the GSGA Treasurer to arrange for this transfer. All other document requirements apply.


Make copies of all your submission materials and keep it for your records.


If everything in your reimbursement is submitted correctly and on time, it should take about 3 weeks to process.


If a student has graduated, he/she is eligible for reimbursement only if the conference is within two weeks of the the graduation date.


The GSGA requires that all students applying to GSGA must also apply to their department/advisor for funding whenever possible.


If the GSGA treasurer emails you about some problem with your submission, it is your responsibility to fix the issue completely within 7 calendar days of receipt of such an email.


Note: during summer the reimbursement process may take longer time than usual, please allow 6-7 weeks from the date of submission of your application for processing. if it has been more than 60 days, please contact GSGA treasurer at  treasurer.ucgsga@gmail.com.


STEP ONE (Before the travel)

Each individual student must complete their own Student Travel Authorization (Student TA) form and submit it to the GSGA office BEFORE travel. Click here for the Student TA form and instructions on how to fill it out.

Please note that submitting a Student TA form does not guarantee funds.


NOTE ON TRAVEL: STUDENTS ARE URGED TO UNDERTAKE TRAVEL USING THE CHEAPEST MODE OF TRANSPORT AND PLAN THE TRIP JUDICIOUSLY TO REDUCE COSTS. For example, driving to New York City will cost more than $500 in miles, but airfare could be cheaper. Students will not be reimbursements for claiming miles in such a case. UNREASONABLE CLAIMS WILL BE REJECTED. GSGA decisions in this regard are final. Similarly, groups of students attending the same conference are strongly encouraged to share costs of transportation and housing.


STEP TWO (After the travel)


Please follow the steps below and submit all relevant documents to the GSGA office within 14 calendar days of the end of the conference. Late submissions will be rejected. If you need more time, you must contact the GSGA before the 14 day deadline and extensions (no more than another 7 calendar days) may be provided.



1. GSGA Conference Travel Award Application Envelope. These envelopes are only available outside of the GSGA office, 683 Steger Student Life Center. Also, be sure to include your M-number.



2. Award Application. Submit a properly completed and signed PRESENTER CTA Application (PDF). Hand written forms will be penalized 10% of the total award amount. Make sure that you list the correct “GSGA Member Group” name. To find the most up-to-date list of GSGA Member Groups, please click here. Please note: you cannot sign your own application as a GSA "officer"; Please have another officer sign for you.



3. Submit current semester Onestop Student bill.


For summer travel, the previous spring semester registration proof must be submitted if not registered for summer.



4. Proof of conference presentation. You may submit a copy of your email confirmation of acceptance. Please make sure that your name and the conference name are on the document and are explicitly highlighted.



5. Proof of having traveled to the conference city. In the event that your receipts do not prove that you traveled to the conference city, you must provide an original expense receipt as proof. Examples of proof of having traveled include (but are not limited to): plane ticket stubs, gas receipts, food/personal item receipts, hotel statements, etc. If you have questions, please contact the GSGA Treasurer.



6. Original Expense receipts. Only the expenses below will be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS !


Appropriate proof of expense - as detailed in each category - must submitted. Any deviations from the requirements below will result in a delay in processing your submission. Original receipts are required and if a photocopy must be submitted, prior permission must be sought from the GSGA Treasurer. A credit or debit card statement MAY BE submitted to support your actual receipt, but not as the sole proof of expense.


GSGA does not reimburse for food.


Please note: if your receipts are in a non-US dollar ($) currency, you must also provide a printout of the appropriate exchange rate, including calculations into the US dollar amount. You may use this website to find the exchange rate: http://www.xe.com/


If expenses are shared between students, contact the GSGA treasurer to arrange for proper reimbursement procedure.


a.     Travel to conference venue city (Air/Bus/Train): E-Ticket receipt / printout of itinerary showing travel cities, dates, applicants' name and ticket cost must be submitted. If there are multiple traveler names on the receipt/itinerary, the applicant must provide proof of payment of his/her share of the travel expense. No encumbrances such as baggage fees will be paid.


b.    Car Rental - Only the rental + applicable taxes will be covered. Insurance, gas options, or other fees will not be refunded. The car rental agreement copy with dates of travel, name of applicant and itemized charges must be submitted.


c.       Gas Receipts - Gas receipts will be reimbursed only if submitted along with a car rental. Receipt dates must match the rental dates.


d.      Local travel: Cab/Shuttle/Bus/Train expenses for traveling once from destination airport to venue/hotel and once back to the airport will be refunded. Transportation to/from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) airport will also be covered. Please provide original receipts of travel, even if paid with cash.


e.       Miles of travel : Miles of travel can be claimed if air travel or car rental is not claimed. Claims must be reasonable and cannot be costlier than air travel. Travel from Cincinnati must use UC as origin address. 56.5 cents per mile is the current IRS/UC rate for reimbursement as of January 1, 2013. Please fill out the mileage log form (MS Word). Submit TWO COPIES of the completed log. If you are claiming only miles for all your trip, you must submit some other receipt from your travel to prove that you did actually travel. Gas receipts or any other destination city receipts are acceptable.


f.       Lodging: Hotel / Motel room rental charges + applicable taxes will be covered. A proper hotel receipt showing the applicants' name and itemized charges must be submitted. The applicant MUST be the payer in order to be reimbursed. If there are multiple names on the receipt, individual proof of payment, like a credit card receipt, for the applicants' share of the lodging cost must be submitted.


g.      Conference Fees: Conference registration and/or abstract submission fees can be reimbursed. However the total amount reimbursed must not include any membership dues or non-essential services. Proper receipt from the organizers for the fee must be submitted. The receipt must show the applicants' name and a breakdown of the charges, if available.


STEP THREE (Reimbursement)


Once GSGA has processed your documents, the award will be reimbursed to the student's Onestop bill for the respective semester via E-160. If the student is not registered for Summer, he/she must inform GSGA treasurer while submitting the application.










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