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The needs of graduate students are separate from those of undergraduates, and whereas there is no other mechanism on the campus of the University Of Cincinnati to be the voice of the collective graduate students, be it therefore enacted that we, the graduate students, do hereby establish this constitution of the Graduate Student Governance Association  (GSGA).


Section 1. To promote the academic (research and educational) goals of graduate students at the University of Cincinnati.

Section 2. To establish effective communication among graduate students, other student groups, and the academic and administrative units of the University.

Section 3. To be the administrative and financial advisor to all member groups affiliated with the GSGA.

Section 4. The GSGA shall not endorse political issues which do not directly concern the welfare of graduate students at the University of Cincinnati and shall not, therefore, be considered a political organization.


Section 1. The GSGA represents all University of Cincinnati graduate students.

Section 2. Graduate students are herein defined as University of Cincinnati students enrolled in any graduate program offered by the University, either full- or part-time.


Section 1. Graduate students may form Representative Member Groups, herein defined as academic groups (by graduate program or college), who apply for membership to the GSGA and meet the criteria of the Constitution and its Bylaws.  GSA Member Groups shall consist of at least ten graduate students from a degree-granting program, department or college at the University of Cincinnati.  Every graduate degree-granting academic program can be represented by only one GSGA Member Group.

Section 2. GSGA Member Groups shall elect a representative to the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) and may elect an alternate for their representative.

Section 3. Member Groups must have "active status" to receive the full benefits of GSGA.  "Active status" entails regular representation at GSGA meetings and completion of registration requirements.

Section 4. The Executive Board shall make the final determination on whether new groups fulfill the criteria to form a GSA Representative Member Group.


Section 1. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) shall be the policy-making body for the GSGA, and shall abide by all University, State, and Federal laws. 

Section 2. All graduate students at the University of Cincinnati have a right to attend meetings.

Section 3. GSGA meetings (the GSA) shall consist of Representative(s) from each Member Group (GSA members), as well as the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the Campus Ambassador of GSGA, and GSGA committee chairs.  Voting privileges are reserved for designated GSA representatives.

Section 4. Each Representative shall have one (1) vote. Alternates may attend GSA meetings, but may vote on any business conducted by the GSA only in the absence of the Representative for the respective Member Group. An Alternate serving in the place of the respective Representative has full rights, duties, and privileges accorded each member of the GSA.

Section 5. All Representatives and Alternates shall serve a term of one year. Re-election will be in accordance with Member Groups' Constitutions.


Section 1. The GSGA shall have 4 officers elected by the GSA. The officers are a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Campus Ambassador elected by the GSA.

Section 2. Officers must be matriculating graduate students, registered in an approved / official graduate program and be in good academic standing with their respective colleges during term of office.

Section 3. The elected GSGA officers shall preside over all GSA meetings.

Section 4. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Campus Ambassador shall serve on the Executive Board.

Section 5. The term of office for all GSGA officers shall be one (1) year, commencing with beginning of summer semester through the end of the following academic year’s summer break. Officers may be elected up to three terms, with maximum five years service in the GSGA executive board. Officers may serve at most one additional term if a three-quarters majority of the GSA so approves.

Section 6. Officers are compensated as follows: in-state tuition remission and fees (for academic year) an honorarium and single coverage university health insurance. The President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Campus Ambassador shall receive honorarium in the amount of $18,480 per year. 

Section 7. In cognizance of the registration requirements for the GSGA officers to receive the eligible honoraria, every eligible officers' total costs for one required credit hour will also be covered by GSGA. If any officer is enrolled for more than one credit, only the in-state portion of the fee will be covered by the GSGA.

Section 8. Officers are paid over a twelve (12) month period that includes summer duties.  If an officer is unable to perform duties during any semester, he/she will not get compensation for that semester.


Section 1. Meetings of the GSA shall be held monthly during the autumn and spring semesters. The GSGA officers will schedule meetings. In September, all GSA representatives shall be notified, in writing, of the date, time, and location of all regular meetings scheduled for the year.

Section 2. Special meetings of the GSA may be called when deemed necessary by the Executive Board.  GSA members must be given at least forty-eight (48) hours notice prior to the meeting.

Section 3. All graduate students have speaking privileges at GSA meetings.  All speakers must be recognized by the presiding officer at the meeting.  Presiding officer has the right to limit discussion to designated GSA representatives.

Section 4. In the event of a disturbance of the GSA meeting, the Presiding Officer is empowered to clear the meeting of non-voting members and/or to adjourn the meeting.

Section 5. All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, except as stated in the GSGA Bylaws, Section 6.


Section 1. This Constitution and the GSGA Bylaws shall be the rules of the GSA and the GSGA.

Section 2. The Bylaws may be amended by a majority of the GSA voting membership present.  (There must be a GSA quorum.)

Section3. Proposals to amend the Bylaws can be presented by any official representative of a Member Group or by a GSGA officer.


Section 1. The GSGA Grant Review Committee (GRC) is composed of the GSGA Executive Board and two (2) GSA Representatives, with the Vice-President presiding.

Section 2. The two (2) GSGA Representatives are selected from a pool of applicants.  Selection is based upon previous GSGA experience or other relevant experience.  Efforts should be made to add Member Group / College variety to the committee.

Section 3. The GRC will meet and assess submitted grant proposals.  The GSGA-GRC will make a decision and notify the submitting group in writing within ten calendar days from the deadline for receiving the grant.

Section 4. GRC selects grants based upon rules set forth on the GSGA Grant Application form, and by rules established by the GRC at the beginning of the academic year.

Section 5. If two or more members of the committee are from the same department, they vote as a single vote on grants related to their department.

Section 6.  If a committee member is directly involved in the project submitted to assessment by the GSGA-GRC, they shall abstain from voting.


Section 1. The GSGA shall have a University Advisor who shall be a full-time member of the University faculty or administration.

Section 2. The University Advisor shall be selected by the Executive Board and approved by the GSA by a majority vote.

Section 3. Any change made in the University Advisor takes place at the beginning of the next academic year.


Section 1.   The GSGA Executive Board will select from the Member Groups nominated for the GSGA Graduate Group of the Year Award.

Section 2. The GSGA officers will award a certificate to the selected GSGA Member Group and add the Group's name to the GSGA Graduate Group of the Year Plaque located in the GSGA office.


Section 1. A motion to amend this Constitution may be made by petition of one half (½) of the GSA voting Representatives.

Section 2. A motion to amend shall be voted on within five (5) weeks after said motion has been made.  A motion to amend this Constitution can only be tabled once.

Section 3. Amendments to this Constitution shall be declared ratified and adopted following a three-fourths (75%) affirmative vote by all voting Representatives present.  (There must be a GSA quorum.)


Section 1. This Constitution shall be ratified and adopted following a three-fourths (¾) affirmative vote by all voting GSA Representatives present.  (There must be a GSA quorum. See section 6c of GSGA Bylaws for definition of quorum.)

Section 2. This Constitution shall be effective upon ratification.

Section 3. The officers at the time of ratification shall remain in their respective positions until the next regularly scheduled election of officers.


This Constitution was last amended at the August 15, 2011, GSGA General Assembly Meeting.



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