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Group Grant Award

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Every year the GSGA sets aside money for supporting specific events/activities conducted by Graduate Student Associations (GSA's) affiliated to the GSGA. These events/activities must be academically oriented with an emphasis on the research impact to the wider graduate student population. In the past, events such as the following have been supported, in part or whole:

  • Scholar speaker events
  • Journal publication
  • Poster competition
  • Symposium/Conference

Group travel to conference, buying products/subscriptions and non academic (fun/socializing) events will not be funded via the GGA. Please utilize the Group Budget for such activities. In general the GGA funded events must be :

  • Free/equally available to the entire UC community
  • Further graduate student research / academics of all applicant GSA members
  • Beneficial mainly to graduate students
  • Not primarily be a fundraiser of any kind

Since there is only a fixed amount of money available for funding such events, the GGA is made a competitive award. There are 8 deadlines spread across the year in order to assist events/activities spanning the entire year. Each deadline has an associated dollar amount - which is the maximum GGA that can be awarded at that time. The dollar amounts have been assigned based on past experience of the GSGA and may vary every year. Awards for specific events will depend on the merit of the event and number of applications for the deadline. A Group Grant Review Committee (GGRC) instituted by the GSGA executive board and chaired by the GSGA VP, reviews all applications and makes a decision. The GGRC will inform award decisions within ONE (1) calendar weeks of the deadline. Make sure you allow time for this when planning the event. The GGRC decisions are final and binding, arrived at on good faith based on information provided by applicants. Unused money from previous deadlines of the current year may be moved to the future deadlines in the same year as per the GGRC's discretion.


General Rules

Please read ALL these general rules before planning an event and submitting for the award.

·       Funding (in part or total) for your event/activity is not guaranteed. Please DO NOT spend money before an approval notice from GSGA.

·       No proposal will be funded if it is submitted after purchase and/or the event.

·       Your approval email will list the actual expenses funded by GSGA and the corresponding amounts. Reimbursements must be applied accordingly. Any change in that must be pre-approved, in writing, by the GSGA-VP.

·       GSAs which generate profits from activities funded by GSGA are to return all profits to GSGA, not exceeding the amount given by GSGA.

·       For expense items over $500, please submit three competitive bids from university-acceptable vendors.

·       All expenses listed in the proposed budget must be supported with proper documentation.

·       ALL grant requests should be informed to the GSA members before submission and approved by a majority of the GSA members.

·       GGRC reserves the right to ask for more supporting documents as deemed necessary.

·       Funds not spent should be returned to GSGA unless you received an authorization to extend the award beyond the original end date of the grant.

·       Any graduate student can submit a proposal, but it must be signed off by the entire GSA committee.

·       If you are making a Group Grant related purchase through UC Bookstore, Classic Fare Catering, Mick & Mack's, Caminetto, Faculty Club, CenterCourt, MarketPointe, Housing Services, Kingsgate Conference Center, MainStreet Operations, Campus Recreation Center, Campus Vending Services, UC Printing and Duplicating, or Summer Conferencing, GSGA can pay for these directlyPlease contact the GSGA Treasurer [treasurer.ucgsga (at)] before placing your order for more information.


Group Grant Award Application Process

Please read and follow all the steps below completely. This ensures a quicker approval and money payment process. Contact the GSGA VP with any/all questions before submitting an application.

·       Decide when you want to have an event and submit all documents by the applicable deadline stated below. Keep the decision date too in mind before planning the event.

·       Complete the GGA application (Adobe PDF format) and obtain the required signatures. Here is an MS Word 2007 version of the same application (unzip the file).

·       Obtain a supporting letter from your group's faculty advisor on UC letter head.

·       Scan the completed and signed application and all other relevant documents as a single PDF document. Email this document to the GSGA VP ( vicepres.ucgsga [at] before the deadline applicable.

1.     Please name your PDF file in this way: deadline name, group name, short grant title, GG (for Group Grant).

1.     Example: Winter 11-1 Anthropology GSA Speaker Series GG.pdf

·       Submit the original application in the GSGA office (683 Steger) by 5pm on the applicable deadline.

A submission is considered complete only if we receive the entire application and supporting documents in the scanned file AND in paper at the GSGA office.

GGRC is not responsible for delays caused due to incomplete applications.

Deadline Name



Budget Amount Available

Decision Notification

Fall 2014-1

September 12, 2014 by 5pm


September 19, 2014

Fall 2014-2

October 31, 2014 by 5pm


November 7, 2014

Fall 2014-3

December 19, 2014 by 5pm


December 26, 2013

Spring 2015-1

February 6, 2015 by 5pm


February 13, 2015

Spring 2015-2

March 27, 2015 by 5pm


April 3, 2015

Spring 2015-3

May 15, 2015 by 5pm


May 22, 2014

Summer 2015

July 10, 2015 by 5pm


July 17, 2015





Grantseeker Assistance

GSGA requires all group grant award recipients to prepare an evaluation on their activity/event. To meet this requirement, complete the evaluation formand post pictures about your activity/event on our facebook page. This serves as a valuable learning tool for both GSGA and grantees, and helps us collect information from grant recipients.



Download a sample of a successful proposal

Sample proposal



Group Grant Award Rationale

Group Grant Award Rationale


Group Grant Award Reimbursement (After Approval)

All reimbursement requests associated with group grants must be submitted to the GSGA Treasurer in the appropriate reimbursement envelope. Use an A113 (Travel) envelope to reimburse travel-related expenses. Use an A114 (Purchase) envelope to reimburse event purchases, food, etc. If you are unsure which envelope to use, please contact the GSGA Treasurer at treasurer.ucgsga (at)

·       In the instance that multiple people paid for items for an event, each payee must submit their own envelope with the above materials.

·       Fill out and submit the claims form with every reimbursement request.

·       Submit a print out of the approval email with every claim.

·       Submit a list of all attendees for group expense claims, eg: dinners, speaker events etc.

·       If you have a speaker/guest at an event whose honorarium is being paid by GSGA, have them complete this Limited Services Engagement form and create an "invoice" for their services. This invoice will serve as a receipt and must be included with this form. You may visit the Accounts Payable FAQs here for more information about paying speakers.


All documentation must be submitted within 14 calendar days of the end of event / activity.


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