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What Reviewers Say About Dr. Winkler’s New Book

British and American scholars have welcomed the new book by UC President Henry R. Winkler. Here are some of their comments about Winkler's history of the Labour Party.

Date: 2/4/2005 12:00:00 AM
By: Greg Hand
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Martin Ceadel, Oxford University
"Henry R. Winkler has already published seminal studies of the League of Nations movement and of the British Labour Party's early internationalism. British Labour Seeks a Foreign Policy is a mature work of characteristic shrewdness. Its account of the complex currents which shaped the party's thinking about international relations during the First World War and the 1920s in particular has not been bettered."

Fred Leventhal, Boston University
"A lifetime of scholarly engagement lies behind this magisterial reassessment by Henry R. Winkler, an acknowledged authority on the foreign policy of the British Labour Party in the early twentieth century. Tracing the party's views through writings and political debates from its insular, anti-imperial, pacifist origins [in British Labour Seeks a Foreign Policy, 1900-1940], Winkler reveals a party gradually coming to terms with the realities of international affairs and the need for collective security in response to foreign threats. As an analysis of party policy, this judicious, nuanced interpretation can scarcely be bettered."

Andrew J.Crozier, University of London
"Professor Winkler has written an important book that fills a gap in the history of Britain's relations with the international world in the first half of the twentieth century. The attitude of the Labour Party towards international crises is often mentioned in isolated snippets, but [British Labour Seeks a Foreign Policy, 1900-1940] is the first full length study that puts these snippets into a wider context of Labour and National history. Winkler is to be congratulated for his clear-sighted analysis."

Marvin Swartz, University of Massachusetts
"Henry Winkler has put more than a half-century of scholarship to good use in providing this brief account of the British Labour party's approach to foreign affairs. [British Labour Seeks a Foreign Policy, 1900-1940] will be the standard introduction to the subject."

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