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Just the (Co-op) Facts

The University of Cincinnati drives the Cadillac of co-op programs and rightly crows about its role as the first to found the educational practice. Below are some background facts about co-op and the laurel wreaths of "firsts" we wear.

Date: 8/10/2005 12:00:00 AM
By: Mary Reilly
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In 1906, the practice of Co-operative Education – proposed by Dean of Engineering Herman Schneider – has its worldwide founding at the University of Cincinnati.  On Sept. 14, 1906, 27 engineering students begin alternating school and work as a means to a better education.

Early growth
In 1909, Northeastern University in Boston is the first to follow UC in adopting what becomes known as the “Cincinnati Plan.”  In the following years, New York City’s high schools, New York University, Harvard University and many others follow suit until today, co-op is practiced by more than 1,500 universities in 43 countries.  About 500 of all colleges and universities in the U.S. now have co-op. 

Firsts, bests and boasts
Here’s the low down on how highly co-op at UC is ranked:  When U.S. News & World Report’s celebrated campus rankings last listed the nation’s best co-op programs, UC made the grade among America’s top-ten elite. 

You might say that we pull rank.  After all, UC’s undergraduate interior design and architecture are respectively ranked as the nation’s number one and number two programs by employers in the field.  Why?  The employers – as well as College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning faculty and students themselves – credit co-op as the pivotal booster in those rankings, allowing Midwest UC to beat out privileged eastern rivals like Cornell, the Rhode Island School of Design and Carnegie Mellon as well as private university powerhouses like Notre Dame.

In fact, UC houses

Other co-op firsts

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