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Oh, the places they go!

The purists would say that we’ve always had international co-op even though the official international program didn't begin at UC till 1990. However, from the first, UC co-ops were off and working abroad, to Britain in the far north and Brazil in the far south. The Seussical tribute below plays tribute to the lengths (and distances) our students will go to achieve their goals. 

Date: 8/10/2005 12:00:00 AM
By: Mary Niehaus

UC ingot  

Oh, the places they go!


To fashions at Hot Kiss
(Designed in L.A.)
And graphics for Wal-Mart
Dot-com in CA,
UC sends the co-ops
To work and to learn
And earn some good paychecks
Before they return.

At Pratt and at Whitney
Aerospaces soar.
Accountants help Johnson
With numbers galore.
For co-ops in finance,
American's smart,
But digi-designers
Love Hasbro Games’ heart.

At Maui Tomorrow,
Urb-planners declare
That cool space is crucial
For neighborhoods fair.
Managers industr’l
To Florida trek
So lush Gecko Gardens
Won’t turn out a wreck.

The marketing co-ops
To Nielsen parade;
Their temple of ratings
Is nobly arrayed.
Engineers industr’l
Work hard to ensure
Genteel Batesville Caskets
Forever endure.

To Claiborne and OshKosh,
Vic’s Secret, the Gap,
Wild Flavors and Dow Chem,
They criss-cross the map.
For earning and learning,
Co-ops from UC
Leap oceans and mountains,
Shout “Ya” and “Mai oui!”

Their wonderful bosses,
Too many to tell,
All share in the brainwork
Of co-ops so swell.
Their talent and spirit
Expand what they learn,
Plus earn some good paychecks
Before they return.
                 - Apologies to Dr. Seuss

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