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UC Taking Proactive Approach to Crime Prevention

UC Police will open the school year by utilizing a three-pronged approach to try and reach everyone with the message of crime prevention.

Date: 9/8/2006 12:00:00 AM
By: Carey Hoffman
Phone: (513) 556-1825

UC ingot   University of Cincinnati Police are aggressively pushing a proactive approach to campus safety as fall quarter begins, as they try a three-pronged effort to share information with students on how they can help create a safer, more secure campus.

UC Police hope to create a climate this fall where students feel that they are getting more personal interaction with the police. In setting the stage for this, UC Police have start-of-year efforts that will target on-campus residents, off-campus residents and commuters.

"We feel like we’re taking a pro-active approach that will reach out to everyone," says UC Police Capt. Karen Patterson. "We’ve seen from past experience that simply by educating people, we can make a big dent in crime. If we let people know what works in reducing crime, that in itself is a very effective strategy."

Efforts begin on Sept. 13, during the week that students will begin to move back into the residence halls. Police will be there, along with Residence Hall representatives, distributing door-hangers that offer proactive tips on how to prevent opportunities for crime.

On Sept. 15, UC Police and Cincinnati Police will be teaming up with volunteers to go out into the surrounding community for a door-hanger campaign. Targeted at students who are moving into neighborhood housing, the campaign will seek to educate its audience in "Urban Living 101." Tips will be offered in three areas: street smarts and personal safety, vehicle security and residential safety.

Commuters will be the final target audience during the first three days of school, from Sept. 20-22. UC Police personnel will be greeting commuters as they enter UC parking garages and distributing cards from the HABIT campaign (Halt Auto Break Ins Today). The effort will reinforce advice offered during the introduction of the HABIT campaign last spring, and hopefully decrease opportunities for auto break-ins around campus.

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