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UC Tightens Security By Removing Social Security Numbers

UC students enter autumn quarter under a new identification system that will improve security of student records.

Date: 9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823

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Beginning this fall, University of Cincinnati students will no longer be identified through their Social Security number. A new student identification number, known as UCID, will be used for most student business and to identify student term papers and exams. The UCID will also be used for university employees.
UCID, a nine-character identifier, started replacing the old Social Security number identification system on Aug. 21. Students were advised about UCID during a summer communication campaign that consisted of announcements at Summer Orientation for new students, paper mail and e-mail announcements to continuing students, and through UC’s One Stop Web site that allows students to pay their bill, register for class, and conduct other student business online. 
Caroline Miller, associate vice president of Enrollment Management, says UCID was a plan largely supported by UC’s Information Technology department that involved four years of development.
“Student Government has been working closely with the university administration on how to keep students safe from identity theft, and we think this is a significant step the university has taken to make this happen,” says Jerry Tsai, Student Body President.
University employees use the new number to inquire about benefits and to access online request forms into university systems. The new UCID for employees started posting on pay stubs in July.
Though UCID replaces Social Security Number for most functions, the University of Cincinnati is required by law to use Social Security Numbers for some business processes (state and federal reporting, and financial aid processing).
“The University has taken steps to further strengthen the security protections in place so as to minimize access to this information to only those systems and personnel with an absolute need to know,” said Registrar Douglas Burgess.

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