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African American Cultural & Resource Center

About Us

The Purpose of the AACRC

Advising Students

AACRC advises and provides a safe and affirming environment for students by listening, assisting, supporting and collaborating with the university community.


AACRC has a serious commitment to intercede on behalf of the students and to speak for them in areas where they are not heard.

Developing Student Leadership

AACRC challenges students to enhance their educational experience through campus organization involvement and community service. The center believes that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders who are in-tune with their communities.

Helping Students Excel

Each Monday, the center offers study tables. During these sessions, students are provided with free tutors from various areas of study.

Meeting Student Needs

AACRC helps students excel by addressing the academic, social, spiritual, personal and cultural needs of black students at the university. It is our goal to assist in building a positive, well-developed and balanced environment.

Promoting Access to Technology

With our changing society, the AACRC has accepted the challenge to increase our students’ knowledge of the technological world in which they live.

Serving the Community

AACRC has a commitment to connect campus, community and continent.

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