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Academic, Administrative and Professional Women

About Us

AAPW - Who We Are

AAPW, or Academic, Administrative & Professional Women, was formed in 1974 at the University of Cincinnati. AAPW proudly continues to support academic, administrative and professional women, developing programs and opportunities that benefit women.

The original group of women who proposed and formed this organization responded to a need to improve communication among themselves and for additional opportunities in professional development and advancement. Our goals remain the same. AAPW provides a means to network across our many campuses and to be a part of a collective voice on issues important to women.

AAPW is here to help you succeed, to help you expand your knowledge of campus, and to provide opportunities for you to help yourself.

AAPW - What We Do

AAPW sponsors monthly programs for members. Some programs are educational - designed for your personal and professional growth. Others are designed to give you opportunities to socialize and network with other women on campus.

Campus Overview

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* AAPW Bylaws (26.3 KB)
Adopted 02/19/2004