Advising Center Directory


Advising is available through your home college or specialized advising center. Find your advising center from the list below.

Centers marked 'Starfish' use Starfish Connect to schedule appointments. To access Starfish Connect, log into Blackboard. To learn how to schedule an appointment using Starfish Connect, download the Starfish Scheduling Guide (PDF) or check out the video How to schedule a meeting using Starfish.

  • Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success / University Pavilion, 1st Floor / / 513.556.9000 / We advise:
    • Transfer students: Students interested in transferring to UC from another college or university.
    • Transition/major changing students: Students interested in changing majors and/or transitioning from one UC college to another, including UC Blue Ash and Clermont campuses.
    • Non-matriculated students: Students not enrolled in a degree program, including visiting students, senior audits, and more.

Last updated January 2017