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UC centers, faculty and staff have expertise in a broad range of areas and can help your organization grow, solve problems and enhance your knowledge.

Customized Training and Development Programs

Get specialized training and consulting for common organizational issues. Topics include: leadership, management, customer service, business writing, and team building and current workplace issues, such as diversity, harassment and safety.

Professional Development Institute, UC Blue Ash College

Economics Center

This center serves organizations and communities with valuable, accurate and objective economic research that aids in policy and economic development decisions. The research expertise includes: economic impact, economic development, economic policy and wastewater and environmental economic studies.

Brad Evans, Director of Business Development



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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training and Consulting

GIS users, managers, executives and public officials can access training and consultative services. Areas include geographic information systems, remote sensing, GPS, and spatial data management as well as the application of GIS and spatial analysis in environmental studies, urban and regional planning and location analysis for government and business.

Lin Liu, Co-Director

Xinhao Wang, Co-Director

Goering Center for Family & Private Business

The Center can help facilitate your success by directing you to experts and advisers related to your specific business needs. The Center provides educational and informational resources related to critical issues, including: succession planning, estate and wealth transfer, strategic management, conflict resolution, leadership development and financing and ownership.

Mary Beth Hammond, Program Manager

Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

IPR provides full-service survey research tailored to fit your specific needs, including: surveys, interviews, performance measurement, observational studies, program evaluation, policy analysis, secondary analysis and needs assessment.

Institute for Policy Research


Public Speaking and Presentation Delivery Consulting

Offers consultation and executive education to help enhance your speaking and presentation skills.

Kristina Tabor Galyen, Consultant

LisaMarie Luccioni, Consultant

Small Business Institute

Operates a field case study program that provides no-cost counseling to area businesses. 

Charles Matthews, Director

Statistical Consulting Laboratory

The laboratory provides advice, project management, data management and statistical analysis for all organizations and individuals.


Statistical Consulting Lab



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