Student Resources

At UC, students are our first priority.

We strive to provide the best academic accommodations to all students registered with our office. Our goal is providing services that allow you the opportunity to take ownership of your own education and help you achieve academic success.

In order for our office to provide the most appropriate, most reasonable accommodations, we would prefer to receive documentation that follows the guidelines listed below. Once the documentation is provided, an intake will follow to discuss the impact of the disability within the academic environment. Please review the guidelines and contact our office if you have any questions or comments. You can also download a copy of the guidelines.


Documentation such as Individual Education Program (IEP), Summary of Performance (SOP), Teacher Observations, full psychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations (with test scores), physician’s medical records, etc., may be submitted to our offices for review. Documentation should be relevant and from a qualified professional or professionals that are licensed or credentialed with expertise in the diagnosed area of disability; i.e., a psychologist should not diagnose an orthopedic disability.

We prefer documentation (even from multiple sources) that offers the following information:

  • A diagnosis of disability or impairment that limits a major life activity;
  • A description of how the condition will impact the student within the academic environment;
  • A listing of reasonable, appropriate accommodations that will lessen the impact of the disability within the academic setting.

NOTE: Our office reserves the right to ask for more documentation to clarify how the disability will impact the student within the academic setting.

Documentation can be faxed or mailed (see below) to our office. Our fax number is: 513-556-1383. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 513-556-6823. Thank you.

Reasonable Accommodations

Listed below are descriptions of some of the academic accommodations we provide. This list is not exhaustive, and you may receive other accommodations that are not listed. An Accommodation Coordinator will work with you to determine the best accommodation(s) based on your needs. Please note that it is your responsibility to use the accommodations and to follow our guidelines for each accommodation.