Digital Textbook Procedure

In order to receive books in digital format, you will need to do the following:

  1. Fill out "Student Request for Alternate-Form Media"
    for each book or article you need
  2. Provide a copy of the syllabus (must include the course schedule and dates of readings)
  3. Provide a receipt to Accessibility Resources Office as proof that the textbook was purchased. It can  be mailed, scanned & e-mailed, or faxed to our office. See below for contact information for each.

    ARO E-mail: - Please place in the Subject Line: "Textbook Receipts for (Your Name)"

    513-556-1383 - ATTN: Textbook Receipts from (Your Name)

    Mailing Address:

    Accessibility Resources Office
    University of Cincinnati
    210 University Pavilion
    P.O. Box 210213
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0213
    ATTN: Textbook ReceiptsNOTE: We cannot complete the process for creating/researching textbooks in digital format if we do not have all three items listed above. We must have all three items to provide your digital textbooks.
  4. Our Digital Textbook Coordinator will research the book for you in alternative form and contact you when it is available. Your digital textbook may arrive on CD or be uploaded to Blackboard..
  5. If your textbook is uploaded to Blackboard, you will need to follow the instructions below to access the readings:

- Login into Blackboard
- Click the "My Organizations" tab
- Click on the "Disability Services" tab
- In the list on the left, click on "Documents"
- Click the present term, i.e., Fall 2012, etc.
- Locate the folder with your book title or article name for your particular class. You will see single chapters or multiple chapters with the folder
- Click on the MP3 file and begin to listen. You may want to have your textbook available to follow along.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 513-556-6823.