GRE Prep Courses


Our GRE prep courses are a fast and inexpensive way to supplement or guide your own studying.

It is intended as an introduction, and it will NOT prepare you for the GRE without additional studying on your own.


For students who prefer an intensive course of study, private companies such as Princeton Review or Kaplan may offer a more appropriate venue.



After completing the GRE prep course, you should:

  • feel confident that you understand the requirements, scoring, and logistics of the GRE;
  • be able to recognize specific question types on the GRE;
  • know the skill sets that the GRE seeks to test; understand which math concepts are tested on the GRE;
  • have practiced and received feedback on actual GRE writing prompts;
  • be able to evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement as you continue to prepare for the GRE.




Course Options

****Fees and registration must be received at least one week prior to the first class.****


Introduction to Analytical Writing:

  • Overview of GRE and software
  • Overview of Analytical Writing Sections
  • Guided Practice
  • Drills
  • Students may submit writing samples for review


Introduction to Verbal:

  • Overview of Verbal Section of GRE
  • Reading Comprehension practice
  • Verbal Section Question Analysis and Initial Tips
  • Strategies for Comprehension, Sentence Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions
  • Practice Drills
  • Suggested Strategies for Continued Study


Review of Basic Math Concepts for the GRE:

  • Mathematic concepts covered in the Quantitative Section (including basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry)
  • Skills such as manipulating fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, geometric shapes, algebraic expressions, and basic data analysis

Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Overview of Quantitative Section of GRE
  • Quantitative Section Question Analysis and Initial Tips
  • Guided practice questions
  • Quantitative Practice Section

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