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Introducing PALS! Our newest mobile unit.

Peer Assisted Learning Sessions

The Learning Assistance Center provides no-cost services to all students at the university. Due to our excellent student staff, we often receive  requests to send tutors or coaches to organizations’ events or campus spaces. Over time, the number of requests have prevented us from meeting this need. In Fall 2013, however, the LAC created a program, Peer Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS) that allows organizations and departments to create their own LAC learning events with only modest fees.

PALS works by allowing organizations to identify their specific need in terms of content, location, time, and size of a given event. Organizers can then place a request with the LAC and we will do our best to create a customized staffing package that will support organizational needs and facilitate group learning!

How do I make a PALS request?

PALS requests may be made through our Online Schedule Request Form. Please allow at least 5 business days to process your request. Requesting groups or organizations must be able to provide a location for the session, and will be charged based on the following cost structure:

  • Each session will be charged at a rate of $15 per man hour1.
  • Payment may be made through interdepartmental transfer of funds or by check, made payable to the University of Cincinnati.

1Man hours are calculated as number of peer educators multiplied by length of session.


In addition to structured learning events, the LAC also provides presentations about or services and workshops on a variety of topics. These are provided at no cost and may be requested using the Online Schedule Request Form.