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Peer Tutoring Positions

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Peer Tutors are high-achieving UC students who are interested in providing academic support to their fellow students. Tutors are recruited from colleges across the university to provide assistance in a wide range of courses. 

Peer Tutor Qualifications:

  • Minimum sophomore standing is required, must have completed at least one full term at UC
  • A University GPA of 3.3 or above is required. Peer Tutors must maintain a 3.3 University GPA and a 3.0 Term GPA in order to remain eligible for employment
  • A grade of B+ or above in the selected courses is required
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (to be determined by the Tutoring Coordinator) are required

Primary Activities:

  • Facilitate tutoring sessions with UC students (multiple locations on main campus)
  • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions on time and be prepared to assist the student as required
  • Provide a safe space for students to learn and make mistakes using strategies learned through the Peer Tutor training workshop
  • Attend trainings as required to continually develop tutoring skills
  • Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and other student complaints
  • Model appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors to all UC staff, faculty, and students
  • Act as a representative for the Peer Tutoring program on campus

Peer Tutor Application Instructions:

  • Download and complete the Peer Tutor Application.
  • Download the Academic Reference Form, complete applicant and course information, and send to two (2) references; request that references be returned in a sealed envelope or be forwarded directly to the Peer Tutoring Program.
  • You may submit your application packet without the reference forms; however, it is best to have the reference forms included. Applications will not be reviewed until all materials have been submitted.
  • Submit application, resume, and two (2) completed reference forms to the Learning Assistance Center, Attn: Peer Tutoring Program.

Questions about the Peer Tutoring program, position availabilities, or the application process should be directed to Jaime Sperandio.

***The Peer Tutoring Program is currently accepting applications for Spring 2015.***