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Classroom Presentations

Faculty and staff, the LAC can come to you! We can send staff to your class to make presentations on services offered by the LAC or conduct an entire workshop based on a subject of your choosing. You can choose to have us make a brief presentation just minutes before class starts, or take a couple minutes at the beginning of class to explain the range of services offered by the LAC. You can also request an absent-professor full-class workshop on a topic that you choose. We will work with you on all aspects of your request and want to make this a valuable use of time for your class and your students!

The Learning Assistance Center provides customized learning events to organizations and departments across campus.

Your group, organization, or department can use this form to request a Peer Assisted Learning Session (PALS) with our outstanding tutors and academic coaches. These sessions provide small-group support for an array of subjects or strategies. Please note there may be a departmental/organization cost associated with Peer Assisted Learning Sessions.

If you have a large class or meeting at which you would like a workshop on time management, finals preparation, or several other study skill sets, you can request a workshop below. Workshops differ from presentations in that they are longer and focus more deeply on a specific subject.

Do you have something else in mind and would like the LAC to help organize or participate? Check the "other" box, provide us details, and someone will be in contact to discuss the possibility of fulfilling your request.

Please provide the requested information below and allow at least 10 business days to process your request. Once your request has been processed, you will be notified and provided with additional details.

More information about our Skills Workshops can be found on the Success Skills Workshops page.