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SI 15-16 Staff

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Staff 2016-2017

SI Mentors


Jacob Fischer

Jacob is a senior studying biology and minoring in environmental studies. This is his third year with the SI program and first year as an SI mentor. Jacob enjoys hiking, playing cards, and kayaking outside of class. He is still deciding what to do after graduation this spring.


Emma Fox

Emma is a senior studying Neurobiology & Spanish. She is a veteran SI Leader for freshman biology and has worked with Dr. Mosley for three years. In her free time, (if there ever is any) she enjoys playing her ukulele and snuggling her two beagles. 


Victoria Hammond

Victoria is a senior currently studying Chemistry. She is very proud to be from Louisville, Kentucky because it is the home of Papa John's garlic sauce and the Kentucky Derby. This is her second year as an SI Leader for Physics and her first year as an SI mentor.


Mara Leyendecker

Mara is a senior Biological Sciences major.  This is her second year as an SI leader for Biology 1081 and her first year as an SI mentor. In the future, Mara hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career as a dermatologist.  In addition to her interest in science, Mara has a passion for dance and theater.  She enjoys choreographing musicals for local theater groups as well as teaching her own ballet and tap classes.  She hopes to continue to pursue both her dance and science careers in the future.


Monika Pikhartova

Monika  is a junior majoring in Physics and Astrophysics. This is her second year in the SI program and her first as an SI mentor. She is a member of the UC's Swimming Team and works on research with Dr. Sitko in the Physics Department.


Rebecca Kirian

Rebecca is a Coordinated Program Dietetics student in her internship year, and will graduate this spring. She previously was an SI Leader for Anatomy and Physiology, and this year is just an SI Mentor.


John Zucal

John is a fourth year Biology major. This is his second year being an SI Leader for Organic Chemistry and his first year as an SI mentor. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports with his friends and binge watching Netflix series. After graduation, he plans to attend medical school.


Kate Barnes

Kate is a third year Animal Biology major and Chemistry minor. This is her first year as an SI Leader and she is very excited to help students with Anatomy and Physiology. Last year she served as a Tutor for many science courses and a Learning Assistant for BIOL 1081/1082. She enjoys exercising and being with friends. Kate loves to help animals and people alike so she intends to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a veterinarian one day.

SI Leaders


Aron Bercz

Aron is a fourth year biochemistry major, and is an SI Leader for Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics. This will be his third year as a Supplemental Instruction Leader, having previously served for general chemistry and organic chemistry. Aron is the president of the UC Tennis Club, and is an avid fan of the sport. He plans on attending medical school next year and hopes to work in academic medicine.and will be applying for medical school next year.


Adam Boiman

Adam is a 4th year transfer student from Cincinnati State Community College where he earned an associates degree in Bioscience Technology, and is currently majoring in Biomedical biology with a minor in Spanish. This will be his first year as an SI leader for genetics, one of his favorite subjects in biology. Adam plans on attending Medical school after graduation where he plans on specializing in infectious diseases / epidemiology. His dream job is to work at the Center for Disease Control as an epidemiologist by becoming an officer in the Corps of U.S. Public Health Services. Adam spends his free time with friends, reading books, or running / biking / swimming.


John Bonamer

John is a third year Medical Sciences major and is an SI for organic chemistry. He is currently an SI for Dr. Lieberman's Organic Chemistry class, but was formerly an LA for Dr. Nodzak's Anatomy and Physiology course. John enjoys the outdoors and also exploring cities by using YELP to find the best local food. 


Sarah Braley

Sarah is in her fourth year at UC studying chemistry and French.  This is her second year as an SI Leader for Organic Chemistry II, and she has also been a TA for Organic Chemistry I & II.  She is doing her undergraduate research on organometallics in Dr. Connick's group and hopes to attend graduate school in chemistry next year.


Karan Chawla

Karan is a graduate student in the Masters of Business Administration program with a specialization in Healthcare Administration. He also graduated in 2016 from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology along with a minor in philosophy. This is his first year as an SI Leader for Medical Biochemistry. After he graduates with his Master’s he intends to go to medical school. Karan enjoys going to the gym, running with his German shepherd and trying new restaurants.


Gabe Brown

Gabe is a 4th year student studying neuropsychology.  This is Gabe's first semester as an SI Leader for the Becoming a Master Physician course at the College of Medicine.  Since attending UC, Gabe has been bitten by the travel bug; he has traveled to Scotland, Iceland, Italy, and Australia, and has upcoming traveling plans for Ireland and Italy.  He is an avid reader and involved with the student organization GlobeMed at UC.


Eric Dornoff

Eric is a fourth year neuroscience major at UC. This is his first year in the LAC and will be an SI for organic chemistry. Eric is one of the few people who enjoyed the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, and will be supporting Kanye West in 2020.


Jessie Conway

Jessie is a junior studying Health Sciences.  This is her first semester as an SI Leader for Physics I.  After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school for Physical Therapy.  Jessie is a CAHS Ambassador, as well as involved with Greek Life and CHAARG.  In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and finding new Pinterest recipes to make.


Mohamed Elzarka

Mohamed is a third year Neurobiology major. This is his second year with the SI Program, having served as an SI Leader for International Relations last year and Genetics this year. Outside of classes, Mohamed is involved with the ROAR Tour Guides and GlobeMed at UC. He enjoys playing basketball, reading, and watching sketch comedy.


Declan Feery

Declan is a 4th year student studying biology and medical sciences. He is from Columbus, Ohio. This is his first year in the supplemental instruction program where he is an SI for Human Physiology MEDS 3026. Declan spent his summer in 2016 performing surgery on mice for research in the Department of Surgery. 


Kelly Geis

Kelly is a 4th year Exercise Science major in hope of becoming a Physical Therapist. This is Kelly's 2nd year as an SI Leader for Anatomy and Physiology.


Chris Griffin

Chris is a senior majoring in Neuropsychology and hopes to attend medical school in the near future.  In the rare event of him having free time, he likes to play his guitar or create music on his computer.


Paige Harrison

Paige is a second year pre-pharmacy student. She plans on attending pharmacy school next fall. This is her first year as an SI Leader for General Chemistry. 



Juliana Madzia

Juliana is a fourth year student studying Neurobiology and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. This is her first year with the SI program, and she is the Supplemental Instruction Leader for Principles of Biochemistry. Juliana is the Co-President of GlobeMed at UC and also runs on the varsity cross country and track team. She has been actively involved in research throughout her time at UC and hopes to begin an MD/PhD program after graduation. 


Bahar Pahlevani

Bahar is a fourth year Animal Biology major. This is her first year as an SI for Ecology, Evolution, and Population Genetics. Bahar plans to attend veterinary school in the fall of 2017, and also plans to learn how to whistle someday. 


Jane Perry

Jane is a third year in the College of Allied Health Sciences. She plans to attend graduate school in the hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy. 


Paige Reinshagen

Paige is a second year student in the Health Sciences program with a focus on exercise and movement science. After graduation, she intends to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. This is her first year as an SI Leader for Anatomy and Physiology. In her free time, Paige likes to work out and attend UC sporting events.


Nina Rokvic

Nina is a fourth year student with a double major in Neuroscience and Biology with the intent of going to medical school upon graduation. This is her second year with the SI program. Nina is also an executive member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a McMicken College Ambassador, a student researcher at the Metabolic Disease Institute, and a part-time employee at the Apple Store. She loves video games, traveling, food, all of the nerdy book series, and most of all, cuddling with her dog, Rowdy, and her cat, Scooter! 


Joey Rone
Joey is a fourth year Biomedical Studies and Neurobiology major. After graduation, he aspires to join the Peace Corps and eventually obtain a PhD in behavioral neuroscience. He enjoys snowboarding, fishing, knitting, and traveling.


Audrey Schlembach

Audrey is in her second year studying astrophysics. She has been a Learning Assistant in Physics 2001 and is now a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Physics 1052. She's recently taken an interest in film and media studies, and can often be found napping in nooks and crannies across campus.


Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw is a third year biology major and this is her first year as an SI leader. She hopes to attend medical school after college and spends her limited free time binge-watching Parks and Recreation and The Office.


Emma Scnoch

Emma is a fourth year biochemistry major and an SI Leader for Dr. Tsang’s Intro to Biochemistry class. This is her first year as an SI leader, but she also currently serves as a Teaching Assistant for Chemistry I. She worked for two years doing ovarian cancer research but has recently transitioned to Dr. In-Kwon Kim’s lab group which focuses on poly(ADP-ribose) metabolism and signaling. She plans to attend graduate school following graduation this spring with a desire to continue working in academia in the future.


Karleigh Smith

Karleigh is a second year student pursuing a double major in Biology and Neuroscience. This is her first year as an SI Leader, and she will conduct sessions for General Chemistry. Beyond academics, Karleigh enjoys such activities as playing Club Lacrosse, attending UC sporting events, painting, spending time with friends, and anything involving dogs. Her hope one day is to become a Veterinarian. She is looking forward to working with Dr. Waddell and his students this year!


Virginia Speck

Virginia is a second year Neurobiology and Biology double major and is pursuing a minor in Chemistry. She is extremely passionate about the SI program and the University as a whole. She loves going into the Greater Cincinnati area and giving presentations at local elementary schools about healthcare. 


Olivia Stahl

Olivia is a second year Middle Childhood Education student, specializing in Mathematics and Natural Science.  This is her first year being an SI for General Chemistry.  During her free time, Olivia is involved in the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Mentorship program; she loves to cook, read, and talk about her dog.  


Joice Thekkethottiyil

Joice is a second year Neurobiology major. This is her first year as an SI leader for General Chemistry I. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music and dance. Additionally, she wants to learn how to play the violin and the piano. 


Blake Stephens

Blake is a a third year pursuing a Health Sciences major -pre-med- along with a Medical Sciences minor. His end goal is either MD or MD/PhD as a profession as it is something he has always longed for. He also enjoys helping others progress towards their goals, so feel welcome to reach out to him for any assistance.


Owen Tyoe

Owen is a senior double-majoring in Mathematics and Physics. This is his second semester in the SI program. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games & guitar. Owen plans to attend graduate school upon graduation.


Jessica Ventura

Jessica is a second year Health Sciences student hoping to someday go to physical therapy school. This is her first year being an SI leader for Anatomy and Physiology. In Jessica’s free time she likes to workout, cook, and read.


Alec Wickham

Alec is a second year student majoring in Dietetics.  He is involved in several organizations including The Learning Assistance Center, The Student Dietetics Association, and is also affiliated in Greek Life.  Alec is very active and enjoys lifting, swimming, and socializing with his family and friends.


Megan Wilson

Megan is a fourth year Biology major, triple minoring in Africana Studies, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences. This is her second year as a SI leader for the freshman Biology sequence, and she has also worked as a peer tutor. Megan hopes to go to medical school after graduation, and is very interested in global health.


Halie Winn