Meet The Tutors

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Melissa A.
Year: Graduate

Melissa is a second year master's student in history, focusing on the history of Atlantic slavery. She received her BA in English with a minor in history from Xavier University. When she isn't working for UC as a graduate assistant or a TA, Melissa likes to participate in historical reenactments and knit.


Clarity A.
Year: Fourth Year

Clarity is a fourth year undergraduate student studying English, specifically Rhetoric and Professional Writing, and is also pursing an IT: Web Development Certificate. In addition to being a tutor, she is a published poet and avid social justice activist. Outside of school, she can generally be found camping, rocking out at a concert, cuddling with her cat, or probably just goofing off somewhere.


Victoria D.
Major: Educational Studies

Year: Graduate

Victoria is a PhD student in Education and Community-Based Action Research.  She holds a Master's degree in English and Critical theory and a Bachelor's degree in overachievement. She is also the School of Education's graduate writing coach. She likes dachshund puppies and Derek Jacobi's Hamlet.


Jamie F.
Major: Public Health
Year: Graduate

Jamie is in the master of public health (MPH) program and will graduate in 2017. She has an English/German B.A. from Augustana College and has attended UC since 2012. Besides studying languages and literature, she is applying to medical schools currently. Jamie is also fond of science fiction shows and has a penchant for making hilarious (?) puns.

Grover, Francis

Francis G.
Major: Psychology
Year: Graduate

Francis is a second year PhD student in Psychology. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. He is currently a lab instructor for Research Methods & Statistics and has experience tutoring in statistics and academic writing. When not working, he enjoys watching his beloved Indianapolis Colts in the fall and coaching youth soccer in the spring.


Jacob H.
Major: Philosophy & Political Science
Year: Fourth Year

Jacob is a total dude and a champion of UC. He is currently working to end world hunger, bring peace to the Middle East, and, most importantly, a donut shop to the uptown area... all while having the time to review your papers and watch the whole Game of Thrones series in his free times.


Brittany H.
Major: Literature & Cultural Studies
Year: Graduate

Brittaney is a second year PhD student in Literature and Cultural Studies. She earned her Master of Arts degree in English at Xavier University and her Bachelor of Arts degrees (she has one in English and one in philosophy) at Northern Kentucky University. She teaches English 1001 and English 2001 and has previously worked with both traditional and non-traditional college students at various institutions. Brittaney enjoys reading fantasy, science fiction, and literary fiction. She also suffers from a moderate video game addiction.


Caden H.
Major: English
Year: Fourth Year

Caden is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in English Literature. He is fascinated with 20th century American novels, and his favorite writer is Kurt Vonnegut. As an aspiring English as a second language teacher, he hopes to join the Peace Corps after graduation.


Brittany J.
Major: Marketing
Year: Third Year

Brittany is a part of the co-op program and works at a technology company based in Mason. When she isn't on campus, she is usually spending time in her hometown of Cleveland.


Vinamarata (Winnie) K.
Major: English & Comparative Literature
Year: Graduate

Winnie is a PhD candidate (ABD) in English and Comparative Literature. She has an MA from UC and a BA from SUNY Plattsburgh. She teaches a diverse variety of undergraduate classes in the Departments of English and Comparative Literature, Center for Film and Media Studies, and WGSS. She has published her scholarship in various formats and delivered papers at several regional, national, and international conferences. When not involved in academics and activism, she enjoys hiking with her canine companion, watching independent films with her spouse, exploring globally-inspired plant-based cuisines, and traveling to new destinations.



Ainsley L.
Year: Graduate

Ainsley is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology here at UC, and she has taught a number of sociology courses at UC Blue Ash, as well as here on the Uptown campus. When she is not working, Ainsley enjoys spending time with friends and family and often travels to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.


Michelle L.
Major: Musicology
Year: Graduate

Michelle is a PhD student in musicology at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She has taught Music History 7001-7002 and edited the *Music Research Forum*. Her current projects include petitioning the makers of twisty balloons for a latex-free product suitable for children’s hospital wards, experimenting with macro photography, and researching the role of NOX2 in ROS. In her free time, she studies piano music of the 19th century, topic theory, and instrumental ballades.


Ian M.
Major: Classics, Classical Civilization
Year: Third Year

Ian is a third year undergraduate student double majoring in Classics and Classical Civilization. He is an honors student, a University Honors Program Ambassador, and a proud member of the UC Bearcat Bands. He spends his free time attempting to become cultured, attempting to fully appreciate wide swathes of music, novels, movies, and other art forms.


Carolyn P.
Major: Creative Writing
Year: Graduate

Carolyn is an MA student who can’t decide if she’s a Science person or an English person, so she is attempting to bridge that gap with UC’s Professional Writing Graduate Program. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing: Fiction from UC in 2011. She has since been observing the world silently during her 9-5 jobs, but has now returned to academia because it turns out she has something to say. Carolyn is the proud owner of many cats, a corgi, and injured/orphaned wildlife in need of rehabilitation.


Rachael R.
Major: Criminal Justice
Year: Fourth Year

Rachael is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Criminal Justice, and minoring in German Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Next year she plans on starting graduate school and traveling to Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship the year after. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, coffee, and binge watching shows on Netflix


Kairavee T.
Major: Mathematics
Year: Third Year

Kairavee is a third year international undergraduate student majoring in Mathematics and is in the University Honors Program. This is her first year working at the Academic Writing Center. In her free time, she likes to read, visit museums or go to Zumba!


Lydia T.
Major: Actuarial Sciences
Year: Third Year

Lydia is a third year undergraduate student studying actuarial sciences. In addition to being a tutor, she is a lifeguard and swim instructor in her hometown. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her dog and eating ice cream.


Suzie V.
Major: Creative Writing
Year: Graduate

Suzie is a second year PhD student in Creative Writing. She earned her Master of Arts degree and her Bachelor of Arts degree from South Dakota State University. She teaches English 1001 and has previously worked with K-5 students. When not reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with her indulged and spoiled cat and avidly watching television shows.


Samantha E.
Major: Fiction
Year: Graduate

Samantha Edmonds is a MA student in fiction. She holds dual degrees in creative writing and English literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the place she loves most in the world.  She teaches English 1001 and sometimes writes short stories. Before she became a tutor, her last job was teaching children to ride horseback at a summer camp.


Megan W.
Major: English & Journalism
Year: Fourth Year

Megan is a fourth year undergraduate student double majoring in English and Photojournalism.  When she isn’t working, she can either be found playing clarinet in the Bearcat Marching Band or watching soccer with her family.


Daniel Z.
Major: Literacy and Second Language Studies
Year: Graduate

Daniel is a first-year master's student in education. He also teaches evening ESL classes for adults at Queen City Vocational Center. When he's not teaching, reading, or writing, you can likely find him playing piano or geeking out about any of his other interests, which include chess, foreign languages, Zen Buddhism, and snuggling with his very fluffy cat, Hazel. His current favorite writer is Haruki Murakami.