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Meet The Tutors

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Victoria D.
Educational Studies
Graduate Student

 Victoria is a PhD student in Education and Community-Based Action Research.  She holds a Master's degree in English and Critical theory and a Bachelor's degree in overachievement. She is also the School of Education's graduate writing coach. She likes dachshund puppies and Derek Jacobi's Hamlet.


Suzie V.
Major: English
Year: Graduate Student

Suzie is a first year PhD student in Creative Writing. She earned her Master of Arts degree and her Bachelor of Arts degree from South Dakota State University. She teaches English 1001 and has previously worked with K-5 students. When not reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with her indulged and spoiled cat and avidly watching television shows.


Ainsley L.
Year: Graduate Student

Ainsley is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology here at UC, and she has taught a number of sociology courses at UC Blue Ash, as well as here on the Uptown campus. When she is not working, Ainsley enjoys spending time with friends and family and often travels to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.


Lindsey K.
Graduate Student

Lindsey is a fourth year PhD student in Literature and Cultural Studies. She earned her Master of Arts degree from the University of Manchester, and her Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University. She teaches English 1001, 2089, and 2001. When not reading and writing she enjoys spending time with her dogs and riding her bike.


Jamie F.
Fourth Year+

Jamie has an English/German B.A. from Augustana College and has attended UC since 2012. Besides studying languages and literature, she is applying to medical schools currently. Jamie is also fond of science fiction shows and has a penchant for making hilarious (?) puns.


Jordan P.
Third Year

Jordan is a third year undergraduate student majoring in English Literature and minoring in Philosophy. He is an honors student, an academic coach, and a member of the equestrian team. In addition to these organizational affiliations, he enjoys romance novels, romantic movies, and love songs.


Samantha E.

Major: Fiction
Year: Graduate Student

Samantha Edmonds is a MA student in fiction. She holds dual degrees in creative writing and English literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the place she loves most in the world.  She teaches English 1001 and sometimes writes short stories. Before she became a tutor, her last job was teaching children to ride horseback at a summer camp.