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Meet The Tutors

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The AWC is staffed with UC's finest!

About the AWC Tutoring Staff:

  • Seven undergraduate student tutors
  • Two graduate students tutors
  • Average Cumulative GPA is 3.655
  • Four tutors are working toward a minor or a double major
AWC Tutors hold executive positions in 4 different UC organizations.
Stop by the Academic Writing Center in 149 McMicken Hall to make an appointment with one of our outstanding tutors. 

Dani Clark

Dani Clark

Major: English of Literary and Cultural Studies
Year: Fourth Year

Dani is currently a 4th year student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English of Literary and Cultural Studies with a double minor in Communications and Psychology and a certificate in Service Learning and Civic Engagement. She has a profound passion for people and their stories. This passion is manifested in her love of literature, photography, and writing where she tries to capture and engage in the stories of those around her to the fullest extent.

Nate Bell

Nate Bell

Major: English
Year: Fourth Year

Nathaniel Bell is a fourth year undergraduate studying the lucrative field of English literature. He hopes to go to graduate school next year so that he can avoid becoming an assistant manager at Shoe Carnival. In addition to working in the writing center, Nathaniel is a peer leader with UC’s Racial Awareness Program, or “RAPP.” His interests include social justice, postpunk, comics, and the Fast and the Furious series. His tutoring philosophy is that the session belongs to the student and his job is to preserve the authentic voice of the student.

Verjine Adanalian

Kyle Stone

Major: English and Journalism
Year: Fourth Year

Outside of class, Kyle spends his free time (which is rather infrequent) playing and talking about music, running, biking, hiking—despite his completely rational fear of bears—and freelancing.  A frequent road tripper, Kyle has been to nearly every state on the eastern half of the U.S., but swears he’ll make it west of Illinois by next summer.  Some of his favorite authors include David Foster Wallace, John Updike and John Steinbeck, among others.  More recently, however, Kyle has spent most of his time contemplating the end of Breaking Bad.


Justine McNulty

Major: Creative Writing
Year: Graduate Student

Justine is a second year Creative Writing-Fiction Master’s student here at UC. She also attended UC for her undergrad and earned a degree in English Literature with a Creative Writing focus, as well as a minor in Judaic Studies. Justine grew up in Mason, OH and has traveled to almost a dozen countries in Europe thanks to her opportunity to study abroad in London in her third year of undergrad. Justine is also a reader for the literary magazine The Cincinnati Review and an English Composition instructor here at UC. Justine will be applying to MFA programs this coming summer and fall and hopes to be accepted into one of these fiction programs after the completion of her MA. Outside of academia, Justine is interested in cooking, movies, travel, and animals. She has ridden horses for over ten years and hopes to be able to spend more time with this activity in the future. She has many pets, including a guinea pig named Rory and a tortoise named Cubert, and enjoys caring for them. She hopes to own a dog in the future, but needs a bit more room and time before she can start thinking about that.


Ciera Graham

Major: Sociology
Year: Fourth Year Doctorial Candidate

Ciera Graham is a fourth year doctoral candidate in the Sociology program here at the University of Cincinnati with the hopes of graduating in April of 2015. She is originally from Seattle, Washington and has a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Master’s in Counseling from Washington State University. Her research interest include race and education, and she is highly interested in pursuing further studies on how college students perceive and utilize student campus organizations, and how these organizations facilitate student persistence and success. Ciera has been a writing tutor at the Learning Assistance Center since January of 2013, and enjoys providing services for college students that facilitate their personal and academic success. Along with tutoring, Ciera is also a Sociology instructor and has taught introduction to sociology, as well as contemporary social problems. In her free time, Ciera enjoys leisure reading, spoken word and poetry, listening to music, watching suspenseful thrillers and traveling.

Clayton Belcher

Clayton Belcher

Major: Electronic Media
Year: Third Year

Clayton Belcher has long been a member of the UC family. He began during high school at the Clermont College campus, where he earned an associate degree in business management technology. He is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electronic media through CCM as well as a minor in English, and would someday like to attack a degree in linguistics. Clayton was a tutor for four years at The Learning Center at Clermont College, and continues to serve the student body here at the main campus through the Academic Writing Center. He loves all manner of creative work, from graphic design to musical composition to voice acting to game development to making short films, and survives only by infusing these media with his idiosyncratic sense of humor. If you ask him to duel in amateur accordion squeezing or a gurning contest, he will be happy to oblige.