Chapter 33 Basics

Detailed information and current pay rates are available at the VA web site, but you should know these facts about receiving benefits while at the University of Cincinnati:

  • These benefits are certified each term separately.  You must contact our office to be certified each term after your final class registration is posted on the database.  This means you should take advantage of Early Registration windows and finalize your schedule as early as possible.
  • You MUST submit to us a Promissory Note along with a current photo I.D. each school year.  We recommend you take care of this when you submit your Annual Declaration of Responsibility.
  • In order to receive the monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) payment you must be registered at more than the half-time VA pay rate and cannot be enrolled in all Independent Study or Online classes.  (Undergraduate students must have 7+ applicable credit hours and Graduate students must have 5+ graduate credit applicable credit hours.)
  • You are not eligible for BAH or Book/Supply payments if you are still considered "In-service".
  • Spouses that are still "In-service" are not eligible for BAH or Book/Supply payments.
  • Book/Supply pay is limited to $1000 per school year and is paid based upon the number of credit hours of enrollment.  Books are expensive and often the benefit is exhaused within the first two terms of the school year.
  • BAH pay is issued at the end of each month once the VA has processed the school's enrollment certification.  It is based upon your percentage of eligibility and the number of credit hours of enrollment as well as the cap set for the State of Ohio.
  • We will issue refund checks to students for any surplus tuition/fee amount after the school has received payment from the VA.
  • If you are planning on receiving any scholarships or federal aid that is restricted to tuition and fees TELL US!  The VA is to be the "last to pay" on your student bill so all aid must be considered before we will certify you for benefits.  This includes ROTC scholarships, "TA" pay, etc...
  • Students receiving the Ohio National Guard Scholarship have these VA benefits applied to their bill first (once processed for the term) and any surplus Guard Scholarship payment will be returned to the unit.
  • Chapter # 33 students do not have to "verify your enrollment" with the VA at the end of each month to release BAH payment.
  • If you reduce your pay rate during a term, you will owe the appropriate tuition/fee money back to the VA - along with any BAH paid for the months following the date when the reduction occurred (i.e., if the reduction happened during November, then BAH received after Novement would be owed back to the VA.)
  • Students that create a debt with the VA (overpayment) will have the debt amount deducted from their BAH checks if not promptly repaid.
  • Beware of the "X" grade! The "X" grade represents enrollment with no participation in the class.  Students that receive all "X" grades for a term will owe the school all of the tuition/fee money since the school is required to return that money to the VA.
  • You must notify our office at the beginning of your final term of eligibility of your Chapter #33 benefits.
  • The maximum benefit you can receive is 48 months of full-time VA benefits with any combination of "chapters."