Military Activation Policy

UC Policy for Activated Students

A student who is involuntarily called to active duty status in one of the US military services divisions during a school term will be given a 100% refund of instructional fees, general fees, and nonresident surcharge. Upon receipt of orders to report, the student should contact their college office in order to initiate the withdrawal process. A student receiving Veterans Educational benefits should also notify the Veterans Certification Office and the Office of the Registrar, in order for those offices to complete required documents relating to VA benefits, fee adjustments, etc. (This policy does not apply to annual training, voluntary activation, or students activated during break periods.)

If notification of active duty occurs late in the academic term such that the student and instructor(s) agree that a grade(s) can be assigned, or that a “P” (Pass) is appropriate, the student may elect to remain enrolled and receive the grade(s) and credit for the course(s). In such a case, no refund is necessary or appropriate. A student who enlists voluntarily in one of the divisions of the military service and who withdraws to do so will receive a refund according to the regular refund policy in effect at the time of withdrawal.

What You Should Do If Activated

If you are involuntarily activated (other than annual training) during a quarter contact your college office.

Explain what has happened and ask what paperwork is required from you in order to remain matriculated in your degree program upon return. Also, notify your teachers, if possible, if you plan to drop some/all of your classes. To withdraw, obtain the name and fax number of your college representative that processes withdrawals for your college. If there’s time, ask them to wait to receive a faxed copy of your orders before submitting the "l" withdrawal form. As soon as you are issued a copy of your initial orders (the one telling you when to first report to your unit), fax a copy of them to your college office. (If the withdrawal form has a copy of your orders attached to it, it ensures proper processing by the Registrar’s Office.)

Make sure the orders are readable and include your name and SS#. Once the Registrar's office receives these two items from your college, they will delete your classes from the school’s database and initiate the refund process. Also, notify our office and forward a copy of the orders to our office via mail, in-person, or call us for other alternatives.

Our office will report your withdrawal to the VA and indicate the reason for the withdrawal and attach a copy of your orders to our VA report.


The VA will allow you to keep any money you are entitled to for the quarter up to the date of withdrawal or date of activation, whichever comes first. We recommend you do not “verify” enrollment with VA until VA notifies you that they have processed the school’s withdrawal report. This would eliminate any VA overpayment.

Any VA pay you receive for the period following the withdrawal/activation date you will owe back to the VA. VA will send you a letter of the exact amount of any debt. If you receive VA checks after you have withdrawn, deposit them and await the VA overpayment letter. Once you know the exact amount of the overpayment you may write VA a personal check (include your SS# on the check) to resolve the debt.

Currently, the law allows for Chpt. #1606 and Chpt. #30 recipients to have their entitlement restored for the part of the quarter they attended (even though VA allows them to keep their VA pay for this period).

Students returning to UC classes should contact our office at least two to three months prior to restarting UC classes (but after they’ve contacted their UC college to be reestablished in their degree program) to obtain the required paperwork to get VA benefits restarted.