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Administration and Finance Information Technology (AFit)

Administration and Finance Information Technology (AFit) provides IT support to most units in Administration and Finance.

AFit Q&A

Who is supported by AFit?
Most departments in A&F are within AFit’s scope of support.

What does AFit support?
Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Desktop workstations including hardware, operating systems, and all software.
  • Servers to support A&F: files, printers, databases, etc.
  • Multimedia equipment: projectors, Smartboards, etc.
  • Acquisition of hardware and software.
AFit Contact Number 6-1477

When should I call AFit?
AFit is your first point of contact for all IT-related issues. We will coordinate with other IT departments to accommodate your needs.

Where is AFit located?
University Hall – Suite 260

Why would I want to call AFit for help?
Because multiple heads are better than one! It is our job to stay educated on all IT topics that may help you do your job.

How do I get support?

Call: 556-1477
Someone will answer Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

After hours and weekends:
Call and leave a voice message.
An on-call technician will be automatically paged.
You will receive a call back within 30 minutes.


Stop in!

260 University Hall
51 Goodman Drive
PO Box 210080
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0080

Campus Mail:  ML 0080
Office Phone:  513-556-1477
Office Fax:      513-556-2322

Who We Are

  • Dom Ferreri – Director, AFit
  • John Good – Application Analyst
  • Bruce Kieviet – Operating Systems Analyst
  • Tim McDade – Information Technology Analyst
  • George Russell – Information Technology Analyst
  • Craig Stoelting – Information Technology Analyst
  • Eric Tribbe - Information Technology Analyst 
  • Michael Waddell - Information Technology Analyst