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Send an Item to Surplus - SE Request Process

The Surplus Equipment (SE) Request Process is the method by which University of Cincinnati organizational units have surplus items removed from their areas and sent to the Surplus Equipment Department. The Surplus Equipment Department determines the means of disposition that complies with applicable laws and ensures maximum use of property prior to final disposition. The requirements and steps to be taken by the organizational unit are detailed below. Please review the Surplus Equipment FAQ for commonly asked questions and answers regarding the SE Request process.

Surplus Equipment


Our links to the SE Request form have been updated and should be available all users. If you experience any difficulty with accessing the SE Request form through the links below, please request one by emailing us at assets@uc.edu. 


SE Request Requirements (Updated 5/1/2014)

In order for requested surplus items to be picked up for delivery to Surplus Equipment, the following requirements MUST be met or the pickup will be refused by UC Moving Services.

1. Prepare surplus items prior to pickup by UC Moving Services

  • Completely empty all surplus items (i.e., desks, cabinets, safes, etc.). Special handling fees of up to $50.00 per item may be assessed if items are not completely emptied.
  • Send all attachments or peripheral equipment (i.e., cables, plugs, manuals, etc.) along with surplus items.
  • All items with external cables, wires, or hoses should be disconnected and secured to the item.
  • All items must be unlocked. Any item (i.e., desk, filing cabinet, etc.) that is locked upon arrival at Surplus Equipment will have a flat fee of $50.00 assessed to the organizational unit to cover the cost of having the item unlocked.
  • If the item has a key, it must be securely taped to the exterior of the item.
  • If the item has a "push lock", it MUST be wrapped with tape so that it cannot be pushed in and locked accidentally in transit.
  • If the item has a combination lock, the combination must be provided to Surplus Equipment via e-mail in advance of pickup.
  • If the item is mounted, installed, or secured to a wall or floor, the item should be un-installed prior to submitting an SE Request Form.  UC Moving Services must be able to fit all items through appropriate doors and elevators.

Additional Special Handling Required...

  • Hard drives should be left inside of computers and servers. (All electronic devices capable of storing sensitive information will be securely stored and then recycled with the memory devices destroyed once received at Surplus Equipment.)
  • If an item, which requires an identifiable serial number, does not have a visible serial number or other unique identifying number on the exterior of the item, please assign a substitute serial number series such as “SN1”, “SN2”, “SN3”.  Mark this substitute serial number on the exterior of the item using a black permanent marker and list the same number on the SE Request Form as the serial number. 
  • If forwarding loose hard drives that have already been removed from computers/servers, each hard drive must be listed individually and include the serial number per the UC Information Security Data Protection Policy.
  • If forwarding electronic storage media other than complete systems or loose hard drives (CD's, DVD's, computer memory, flash drives, cell phones, or any other loose items capable of storing sensitive data), the items may be listed as "a box of 42 CD's" but the description must include the quantity and description of all items enclosed.
  • Cleaning Certificates are required for all refrigerators, freezers, lab equipment (and other items as noted below).  Items without the proper cleaning certificates will be refused at the time of pickup by UC Moving Services or upon delivery to Surplus Equipment.
    • All refrigerators, freezers, lab equipment, and other items that have been in an environment containing biological and/or chemical materials must be completely emptied, cleaned, and decontaminated before sending to Surplus Equipment.  For the required cleaning and documentation procedures, please see the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) advisory at: http://www.ehs.uc.edu/Advisories/Advisory_7_1_1.PDF and attach the completed form to the item.  Items without proper documentation attached will be refused at the time of pickup by UC Moving Services or upon delivery to Surplus Equipment.
    • All refrigerators, freezers, lab equipment, and other items that have been used in an environment containing radioactive material must be surveyed and cleared by the Radiation Safety Office (RSOf). A survey should be requested by calling the RSOf at 558-4110 or from the RSOf web page at: http://researchcompliance.uc.edu/radsafety/ and attach the completed survey to the item.  Items without proper documentation attached will be refused at the time of pickup by UC Moving Services or upon delivery to Surplus Equipment.
    • All refrigerators, freezers, and other lab equipment that have NOT been in an environment containing biological, chemical, or radiological materials must be completely emptied and cleaned before sending to Surplus Equipment. This may include items located in a kitchen or break room. After cleaning, please complete the Usage Verification Form and attach it to the item.  Items without proper documentation attached will be refused at the time of pickup by UC Moving Services or upon delivery to Surplus Equipment.
  • If an item used or contained any liquids, including water, those liquids must be emptied and disposed properly prior to pickup.
  • Waste items should be disposed properly.  Beakers, pipettes, other glassware, needles, razors, other sharp objects, batteries (other than alkaline or IT related), paint, chemicals, chemical waste, and biological waste should not be forwarded to Surplus Equipment.  Contact Surplus Equipment with questions and Environmental Health & Safety for proper disposal information.
  • Facilities Management will remove refrigerants from items such as refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerated centrifuges prior to disposal.  Facilities Management will communicate directly with the requesting organizational unit regarding any charges.
  • Dowload the most recent version of the SE Request Form from the link below.  Saved versions may be outdated and will be rejected by Surplus Equipment.

2. Complete the SE Request Form, save it to your computer, and email it to assets@uc.edu

Please Note the Following...

  • SE Request Forms must be submitted in the Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) format. Submission of other formats will result in rejection of the SE Request Form causing delays in scheduling the pickup of items.
  • Failure to provide all required information or to use the current SE Request Form (linked above), will result in rejection of the SE Request Form causing delays in scheduling the pickup of items.
  • The organizational unit MUST include the CORRECT Inventory Tag # on the SE Request Form for Surplus items that ARE listed in organizational unit’s inventory in the UC Asset Management System (UCAMS).  Not all items sent to Surplus Equipment are included in the organizational unit’s asset inventory in UCAMS—the Inventory Tag # field for non-inventory items should be left blank.
  • Asset Management will automatically remove the asset from the organizational unit's asset inventory in the UCAMS using the Inventory Tag # provided in the Inventory Tag # field of the SE Request Form. Therefore, the organizational unit must NOT complete the on-line Asset Disposition Request Form for these assets. 
  • By submitting an SE Request Form, the organization unit certifies that all information provided is correct and the organizational unit is authorized to forward the listed item(s) to Surplus Equipment for proper disposition and/or retirement.   
  • Enter only one surplus item per line (i.e., 4 computer monitors should be listed individually on 4 lines not as a single description.)  In the case of boxes of small miscellaneous items (i.e., box of cables, box of keyboards, box of mice, box of office supplies, etc.) list each box as one item to receive an SE Label for each box.
  • In order to maintain efficient pickup schedules and increase accuracy, SE Request Forms will be limited to 50 items per request.  In the case of larger orders, multiple SE Request forms will need to be submitted or be pre-approved by Surplus Equipment.
  • The accounting string information is required (listed as ‘Acctg String’ in the top left section of the SE Request form.) Forms without this information will be returned to the organizational unit for completion.  The accounting string information will only be used in the event that special handling of surplus items is required (i.e. refrigerant removal, unlocking of locked items, pickup from chargeable locations, etc.)  or to assist with verification of asset retirement.
  • At this time, there is no charge to organizational units for the disposal of computers, monitors and other electronic equipment.
  • Grade each item on the SE Request Form using an A, B, C, and F grading system where A = like new and F = broken/trash
  • Once Surplus Equipment reviews and approves the SE Request Form, it will be assigned an SE #.  Both the requesting organizational unit and UC Moving Services will receive an approved copy of the form with the SE # by email. 
  • Surplus Equipment will send an SE Label by campus mail for each line item on an approved SE Request Form. All items must have an attached SE Label to be picked up.
  • UC Moving Services will contact the requesting organizational unit regarding pickup date and time.  Normal pickup turnaround time is 10-15 working days from the date an SE # is assigned.  The use of external moving services may be permitted by Surplus Equipment, but must be requested at the time of SE Request Form submission.
  • UC Moving Services will contact the requesting organizational unit in the event that moving charges will be applied to pickup an order.
  • After Surplus Equipment approves the completed SE Request Form, additional items may NOT be added.  These items must be submitted separately via a new SE Request Form.
  • In the event an item needs to be removed from the SE Request Form prior to pickup, the organizational unit must notify Surplus Equipment by email so that the SE Request Form can be adjusted.

3. Attach the SE Label to each surplus item in clear view for UC Moving Services personnel

  • UC Moving Services personnel will only pickup the surplus items with an attached SE Label as listed on the approved SE Request Form.

4. Secure surplus items prior to pickup by UC Moving Services

  • Do not leave surplus items in an unlocked or unsupervised area (i.e. hallways, lobbies, loading dock areas, etc.)
  • Computers and other electronic devices that could potentially store sensitive information must be kept in a locked area until UC Moving Services arrives for pickup per the UC Information Security Data Protection Policy.  ANY IT related discrepancies between the approved SE Request Form and the actual items picked up will be reported immediately to UC Information Security.

Download the SE Request Form (XLSX)