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Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance

Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance (also known as Needlestick Insurance) is a service offered to students who may be exposed to human bloodborne pathogens during their course of study.  More details regarding this policy can be found at the Student Health Insurance webpage.

Students in the following colleges and programs are required to have coverage either by paying for Student Health Insurance each term or by paying the annual Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance premium charged to their bill:

College Programs
Allied Health (35) All students in Physical Therapy (PT or PTTN) or the Medical Laboratory Science (MLSC) programs
Blue Ash (28) All students in Nursing (ASNS or NSTN), Dental Hygiene Technology (DHTN) or Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Clermont (34) All students in Surgical Technology (STN), Surgical Assisting (SASST), Medical Assistant (MDAS) [effective Fall 2012] or Physical Therapist (PTA)
Medicine (26) All students in MD programs
Nursing (29) All students except non-matriculated
Pharmacy (25) All students

Students in the above noted programs who are not covered by Student Health Insurance for the entire academic year will be charged for the Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance premium on their bill.  This is an annual premium that is not prorated.  Students are constantly evaluated for coverage each academic year beginning Fall term.  In the event a student is no longer covered by Student Health Insurance a charge will be assessed that will cover the student through the end of the academic year (Summer term).  Please note that only Student Health Insurance staff are authorized to waive this charge. 

Should you have questions or need additional information please contact Student Health Insurance at (513) 556-6868.