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Student Bill Line Item Descriptions


Instructional Fee: This required fee covers costs associated with instruction and classroom time including classroom supplies and materials.

General Fee: This required fee provides funding for non-instructional services and is assessed uniformly to all enrolled students. These services are directly related to students' academic progression through the university. The fee also enhances many programs available to and used by all students including many web-delivered services. The distribution of these fees is determined by the Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB). You can review this distribution by visiting their website at

Campus Life Fee: This required fee covers various recreational and entertainment facilities and programming that can be utilized by all students to enhance the campus environment and increase student engagement. This fee was voted on and approved by the student body.

Info Tech & Inst Equip Fee: This required fee applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in all programs (except MD programs). The Information Technology and Instructional Equipment fee is used to fund improved access to and assistance with information technology and to fund other types of instructional equipment.

Non-Resident Surcharge: This required fee applies to all students who do not qualify for Ohio residency. It is used to fund those instructional costs the state pays for on behalf of qualifying Ohio residents. This fee may also be described as “Distance Learning Non-Resident Surcharge”, “Non-Resident Metropolitan Surcharge”, “Instructional Fee (Non-Resident Surcharge)”, or the like.

Program Fees: This required fee is college specific.  Contact your college office for more information on the purpose and use of these charges:

  College of Arts & Sciences: Dr. Joanna Mitro (513) 556-2450
         College of Business: Dr. Marianne Lewis (513) 556-7124
  College-Conservatory of Music:  Terrell Finney
(513) 556-9470
  Clermont College Jenn Radt (513) 732-5327
  College of DAAP: Amberly Maryo (513) 556-1514
  College of Engineering & Applied Science:    Allen Arthur (513) 556-4870
  College of Medicine:  Debbie Kaffenberger    (513) 558-6797
  College of Nursing:
Krista Maddox
(513) 558-5229

Distance Learning Fee: This required fee is used to support the infrastructure (state authorization process, information technology, etc.) needed to support the Distance Learning Mission.

Campus Differential Tuition: This required fee applies to any full-time branch campus (Clermont or Blue Ash) student who takes 50% or more of their classes offered by a Main Campus (Clifton/Uptown) college regardless of class location. This fee is the difference between the full-time fees charged at the branch campus and the full-time undergraduate fees for main campus.

Student Health Insurance: This required fee applies to all students.  Students covered under another qualifying policy may waive coverage by the deadline and the charge will be removed.  For more information visit or Student Health Insurance.

Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance: This fee is required for all students in programs of study that may result in exposure to blood or blood products.  For more information visit the Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance webpage or the Student Health Insurance webpage.

Estimated Aid: Estimates for financial aid serve only as an acknowledgement to the student of expected funds that have not yet been received.  Estimated aid is only displayed until 5 days before the start of the term.



Estimated aid is NOT considered an actual payment/credit, and once removed,
may result in a balance due on the students bill.

In accordance with federal regulations, we have updated the student bill display so it more clearly identifies those charges that Federal Title IV Aid is not allowed to pay. Where you see an asterisk (“*”) before the description those fees are not eligible to be paid with current term federal aid. Should you have questions about that charge contact the phone number in the description. Below is an example:

  * Previous Balance 50.00  
Instructional Fee
General Fee
Info Tech & Inst Equip Fee
Campus Life fee
01/01/2012 Program Fee 168.00  
01/10/2012 * Housing Contract Buyout (513)556-6461 200.00  
Federal Direct Stafford Loan - Subsidized
Federal Direct Stafford Loan - Unsubsidized   829.00CR
Refund Direct Deposit
  Balance Due: 250.00  

In the example above,  the previous balance of $50 and the housing buyout of $200 cannot be paid for with federal aid so the remaining balance of $250 will have to be paid by the student separately using their own funds. This payment will need to be posted, by close of business, on the last day of the month or you risk being assessed a late fee and interest.