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Refund Direct Deposit via ECSI RefundSelect

Effective May 14, 2012, the University of Cincinnati partnered with Educational Computer Services, Inc. (ECSI) to provide students and parents the ability to receive refunds via direct deposit. To start this process please visit the One Stop Student Service Center, Select "MY BILL" then "direct deposit my refunds" then enter your secure UC credentials.

Parents who have refunds coming from Federal Parent PLUS Loans should logon to the Parent Portal using their secure UC credentials and select direct deposit. Parents who do not have a UCID number, user name or password will need to create one via the "Create Parent/Friend Identity" page.


If you have a UC identity and forgotten your password you can call the UCit Help Desk for assistance at (513) 556-4351 or (513) 556-HELP.

If you need to contact ECSI for help signing up for direct deposit once you get to their website you can call (855) 250-3230. 

Issues regarding how to get set up with access to make payments should be directed to the One Stop Student Service Center at (513) 556-1000 or via e-mail at

The instructions below are the same for students and parents once the direct deposit option is selected.



After your secure credentials are accepted you will see this screen. <Click> on the "Click to Elect" button to start your enrollment process.

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Once you <click> on the button to enroll you are presented with this screen. Enter and confirm your banking and contact information, accept the agreement, and <click> the "Save" button and you're all set. You will get a confirming e-mail.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

How to Confirm Direct Deposit


Once your secure credentials have been accepted you will see this screen. If you see the green "Enrolled" button you are set up for getting your refunds via direct deposit.

To verify your banking information all you need to do is <Click> on the green "Enrolled" button. You can change the routing and account numbers at anytime.

How to Cancel Direct Deposit


To cancel your enrollment in direct deposit for refunds all you need to do is <click> on the red "Un-Enroll" button. Your request will be immediately done and you will receive an e-mail confirming your action. All future refunds will be sent to you via check so please make sure your address is up to date. Students or parents can update their address with the University anytime.