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Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll

Payroll FAQs

Where can I view my pay statement and/or Form W-2? 

Use the Employee Self Service (ESS) module in UCFlex.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit? 

Use the Employee Self Service (ESS) module in UCFlex.

How long does it take for my Direct Deposit to start? 

Your Direct Deposit will begin on the first payroll run after the Direct Deposit information is entered.

How are paper paychecks distributed? 

All paper paychecks will be mailed from the payroll office on payday to your home address of record on ESS. Please consider setting up Direct Deposit so you have access to your funds on payday.

My paper paycheck was lost or stolen. What are the procedures for stopping a payment? 

Stop payments will not be accepted until 4 workdays after the original pay date.  You must complete a Stop Payment Request Form.  We encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit if you need to request a stop payment.  Verification of your address is required.

Where can I find help in understanding my pay statement? 

I believe my payment is for an incorrect amount. How can I verify whether it is correct? 

Please contact your department's Business Administrator, who should first compare your pay statement with their records.  If they have questions, the Business Administrator can contact the Payroll phone tree at 513-556-2451.

What does "EE GTLI" mean on my pay statement? 

This stands for Employee Group Term Life Insurance, and represents your taxable income attributable to the premiums paid by UC for the portion of your life insurance coverage in excess of $50,000. Questions regarding GTLI should be directed to Benefits (513-556-6381).

What does the letter "R" mean on my pay statement? 

This is a retroactive calculation due to the timing of processing data. Contact your department’s Business Administrator for further explanation.

How do I repay an overpayment to UC by using a personal check? 

Employees should contact their department’s Business Administrator for guidance.

How much sick time and/or vacation time do I have? 

These amounts are located near the bottom of your most recent pay statement.  You can access a copy of your pay statements on the Employee Self Service (ESS) module in UCFlex.

How can I verify my sick time and/or vacation time balances, if I believe they are incorrect on my pay statement? 

Please contact your department's Business Administrator, who should first compare your pay statement with their records.  If they have questions, they can contact the Human Resources Service Center (513-556-6381).

Payroll Tax FAQs

How do I get a copy of my Form W-2? 

Why are some of the amounts reported on my Form W-2 different from the year-to-date amounts shown on my last pay statement for the year? 

Several items may cause your taxable wages reported on your Form W-2 to differ from your year-end gross wages.  Items that lower your taxable wages include pre-tax deductions, such as health insurance, tax-deferred savings plans, parking and other benefits.  Items that increase your taxable wages include, but are not limited to, group term life insurance, taxable tuition remission benefits, and personal use of University-owned vehicles or assets.

I am an international visitor. I believe I should be exempt from having Medicare and/or Federal tax withheld. With whom should I speak? 

Please contact the International Office for instructions on how to fill out a Tax Analysis to claim a Medicare exemption and/or apply any Federal tax treaty for which you might be eligible.

I am married, but my pay statement shows Married for federal income tax withholding and “Not Relevant” for State income tax withholding. Why? 

Ohio uses one set of withholding rates that apply to everyone, regardless of their marital status.  All UC employees are coded as Single for Ohio withholding purposes.

I have an additional tax amount withheld from each pay check, but my pay statement seems to indicate it was only withheld one time. How can I verify this? 

Federal income tax withholding is displayed on two lines of the pay statement.  The first line shows your marital status, number of withholding allowances, and additional amount, if applicable.  The second line shows the Current and the Year-to-Date amounts withheld.

I live outside Ohio, but I am having Ohio taxes withheld. Can I have only taxes withheld for my home state? 

Yes, if you live in Indiana or Kentucky, you can have only your home state's taxes withheld.  To do so, sign into ESS and change your state taxes to those for your home state.

I live in a city outside Cincinnati, but I am not having any of my home city's taxes withheld. Should I change that? 

Not all cities have a resident tax, and some that do have a 100% credit for someone paying taxes for the city in which they work.  Our Data Operations team can verify the locality in which you are liable for tax.  Please contact our Human Resources Service Center at (513) 556-6381.

I am not having any federal income tax withheld from my pay check. Why? 

This may be because your total earnings are below the withholding threshold, or because you claimed a large number of withholding allowances on your Form W-4.  You can adjust the amount of federal income tax we withhold from your pay checks by submitting a new Form W-4 through ESS.