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Instructional and Data Processing Equipment Reimbursement Guidelines

Please follow the link below to find the Ohio Board of Regent’s guidelines and procedures for purchasing instructional and data processing equipment with instructional equipment appropriations.  Funding for the 2013-14 biennium was appropriated in House Bill 482.

Summary of OBR Guidelines

The following are highlights of allowed and disallowed purchases:

  • Allowed Purchases
    • Equipment used directly for instructional purposes or in direct support of instruction
    • Equipment used by faculty except for items purchased primarily in support of their funded research.  A partial amount is allowed for the instruction portion if equipment is used for both instruction and research purposes.
  • Disallowed Purchases
    • Items that cost less than $100 unless they are logically packaged with related items (i.e. accessories such as a mouse, cables, or start-up software, which are bundled with a computer purchase)
    • Software licenses, software upgrades, maintenance agreements
    • Any type of labor (consultants, salaries, benefits)
    • Training expenses
    • Supplies and books
    • Office furnishings and equipment (computer workstations allowed)
    • Vehicles of any kind
    • Sales tax

University Guidelines

  • A vendor’s invoice must be submitted to OBR for reimbursement of each purchase.  Therefore, any internal charges such as those related to UCIT, Facilities Management, Project Services, etc. are not allowed.
  • Purchases are permitted with P-cards; a copy of the invoice/detailed receipt must be retained by each department and submitted to the Controller’s Office
  • Accounting document types such as BL, SA and JE are allowed to transfer expense onto a House Bill Equipment fund but the preceding bullet points apply.
  • Invalid charges not within the OBR guidelines against a House Bill Equipment fund must be transferred to another account assignment.  The Controller’s Office will work with departments in these situations to transfer the expense.

Contacts for invoice submissions and inquiries:

  • Invoice submissions and general inquires: Jessica Phillips at 556-1240
  • Inquiries about equipment guidelines/procedures: Tony Stidham at 556-3175
  • Controller’s main phone number is 556-3152.
  • Any inquiries related to allocation amounts should be directed to the Provost Office at 556-2588.

Joint Use Agreement Documents

Note: Please contact Martha Morse at 513-556-3157 with questions concerning Joint Use Agreement Documents.

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