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Surplus Management & Central Storage

Mission Statement

Our mission at UC Surplus Management is to always follow the principles of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and at the same time, continually strive to find solutions that best serve the entire University of Cincinnati community.

About Us

The Surplus Management Department serves the university community in all matters relating to the proper handling of all end of life cycle assets. Our process is based on following all applicable procedures, regulations and best practices for the proper disposal of assets.

Our services to UC include:

  • Pick up of all excess surplus at no cost to the departments.  This is made possible in conjunction with our internal teammates at UC Moving Services 
  • Encouraging all departments to reuse assets at no cost from Surplus Management wherever possible through our FTD - Free to Departmets program. This includes free delivery to your location by another UC work partner - UC Central Receiving
  • Offering the university the opportunity to reduce our green footprint by accepting virtuall all recyclables. These include all metals, toners and cartridges, computer components, all battery types, specific plastics, cell phones, data tapes, discs, books and many more recyclables. Please also note that secure recycling, specifically all hard drives, data tapes, disks, etc are shredded on site in our secure area.
  • We also offer long term storage for UC departments in a climate controlled, highly secure Fishwick facility at a great rate.


5121 Fishwick Drive
Cincinnati, OH  45216

Campus mail: ML 0194
Office phone: 513-556-5654
Office fax: 513-556-1377

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The Surplus Management Department will be OPEN to UC Departments on Tuesday March 21st.  Our apologies for not being able to re-open sooner.

Please check the Departmental Viewing Information box below as some of the information needed has changed. We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience during this transition!


New Transfer Requests

On March 6, 2017, we went live with our new surplus management software and new Transfer Requests can now be submitted by all UC departments.


New Asset Works Training Materials

On line training options are now available in the Asset Works Training & Reference Guides selection box below.


April 1, 2017
Public sale moved to April 8, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: The photos listed on our website and in our advertising may be stock photos and not actual images of the items available for sale.  Additionally, all items listed on our website and in our advertising are not guaranteed to be available the day of the Public Sale as they may be claimed by UC departments prior to the sale.


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Teig Farrell
Associate Director, Surplus Management
(513) 556-5610 or
Scott Clark
Supervisor, Surplus Properties
(513) 556-1219 or
Brendan Weaver
Coordinator, Surplus Properties
(513) 556-5654 or