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About Us:

The University of Cincinnati’s Central Receiving Center is responsible for receiving and processing University funded materials, inspecting shipments for quantity and condition, verifying contents for UC Flex orders and maintaining a log for Credit Card Orders and other shipments. Central Receiving also provides delivery service for Printing Services, Surplus Equipment Management and computer forms distribution. Shipping services are provided for departments requesting assistance.

Receiving Services

Central Receiving will accept authorized shipments directed to the University of Cincinnati. The freight bill/log manifest will be checked for an accurate address, carton count and condition of the shipment. All freight will be inspected for loss, damage or overage and any variances will be noted on the freight bill. Shipments may be refused if damaged or not adequately containerized for internal handling and forwarding. If a shipment exceeds the size limitations of our vehicles, we will request the delivery to be made directly, if possible.

Once the shipment has been signed for, the information is then recorded into the UC Flex system, thus producing a hard copy used to record additional information on order status. This copy is forwarded with the vendor’s packing slip and the shipment to the requesting department.

Shipping Services

Central Receiving provides shipping services for those departments wishing to ship items out from the University.  A Shipping Request Form, obtained by contacting Central Receiving at 513-556-5655, must be filled out which includes general information and an account number to be charged for freight costs. The outbound shipment must be labeled, packed and ready to send. Boxes and packing material are not available from our center.

Central Receiving utilizes United Parcel Service (UPS) for packages up to 150 lbs. The size measurements must not exceed 130 inches in length and girth combined and any one length cannot be over 108 inches. For larger shipments, we ship best way via commercial carrier.

Why should I use Central Receiving for my department’s inbound deliveries? 

Central Receiving is part of the University’s vision for a pedestrian campus.  When we receive and process deliveries in our off campus facilities we are reducing truck and other vehicle traffic on campus and consolidating those deliveries into just one or two of our smaller trucks.  This also relieves congestion at each building’s dock.  Our drivers are very knowledgeable and have the equipment to bring your freight right to you.

Is there a charge to use this service?  

No. Unlike freight carriers we don’t charge for inside delivery, it’s what we do.  We also help avoid re-delivery charges.  When carriers can’t find or get to departments at the University, they will often charge a re-address or re-delivery fee in addition to delaying receipt of the goods.

Where is Central Receiving located? 

The building is located in East Walnut Hills at the corner of McMillan and Melrose Avenues.   Just a few minutes from campus, the facility has five dedicated loading docks for easy access.

How long does it take for packages to get from Central Receiving to my department? 

Central Receiving delivers to every building at least every other day.  Additionally, any rush packages (overnight, 2nd day, etc.) will be delivered to the department the same day provided they arrive at Central Receiving by 12 noon. 

Do I have to call ahead to use Central Receiving? 

No, although you’re welcome to call with any questions or to let us know you’ve got something coming.   Our phone number is 513-556-5655.

How do I use Central Receiving? 

When ordering via UCFlex/SAP, just enter ship to code 1 in the UC Information tab.   When using a credit card, have the item shipped to Receiving and be sure to have contact and department information on the shipment.    We’ll take care of the rest.

How can I track a shipment? 

Central Receiving is pleased to provide the following links to assist you in tracking your shipment:

To track a shipment, you will need the tracking number (freight bill number on other shipments) to receive information about the package.  The sender should have this information on their receipt.

Where can I find an updated list of UC Delivery Zones? 

Tracking Shipments

Central Receiving is pleased to provide the following links to assist you in tracking your shipment:

To track a shipment, you will need the tracking number (freight bill number on other shipments) to receive information about the package.  The sender should have this information on their receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions


The mission of Central Receiving is to provide the university community with timely and accurate handling, distribution, and processing of all incoming and outgoing shipments, receivers, and authorized documents validating acceptance of materials, while utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with auditable accountability.

Contact Us:

Central Receiving
University of Cincinnati
McMillan and Melrose Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45206

Phone: 513-556-5655
Fax: 513-556-3408

Business Hours:
7:30 am to 4:30 pm - Monday-Friday

Receiving Hours:
7:45 am to 3:45 pm - Monday-Friday


David Breen
Assistant Director,
Mail Services & Campus Receiving
Phone:  513-556-3987
Fax:  513-556-3408
Email:  David.Breen@uc.edu

Update Delivery Address

To make address changes for delivery purposes:

  • Submit a Mail Location Delivery Point Request Form. Use a separate form for each request. in the UC Flex system, your Mail Location is referred to as your Storage Location. This document contains instructions, including transmission information.

UC Delivery Zone Listings

Equipment Used

Central Receiving utilizes four 16’ cargo trucks with an inside cargo clearance of 7’2" in height and 7’6" across. The tailgate height is 46" off the ground. Overhead clearance for our trucks is 13’. Other freight handling equipment is used: two-wheel dolly, pallet truck (electric and manual) and barrel, furniture and floor dollies.


In December, 1978, the Central Receiving Department was established. A division of Purchasing, Central Receiving formally opened February 2, 1979 in Walnut Hills, approximately two miles from the main Clifton campus. The Albers Building, which was previously a food chain store, was converted into a five-bay receiving area with offices and warehousing facilities included.

This innovative receiving and redelivery system was developed to funnel most delivery activities through the main site. As the University of Cincinnati moves toward a pedestrian campus, incoming freight trucks and vendors will experience more difficulty in direct deliveries and, therefore, have a central point of delivery, as was intended 20 years ago.