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The Metro fleet of buses is nearly 100% accessible to people with disabilities.  For more information, please go to http://www.go-metro.com/accessibility.

Access Transportation Service

Access is a shared-ride public transportation service, providing curb-to-curb transportation for people whose disabilities prevent them from riding Metro buses. Residents of Hamilton County who are unable to ride Metro's fixed route service because of physical or mental disability have the option of riding Access, Metro's paratransit service.  For complete information about Access, please go to http://www.go-metro.com/accessibility/access-program.

Access General Information:  (513) 632-7590

The UC Metro Program

The UC*Metro Program provides discounted rides for eligible students and employees using Access transportation services as well as Metro buses. To participate in UC's discounted transportation program using Access transportation services, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Access transportation - You must first register and be approved for Access service (by dialing 513-632-7590), a process which can take up to three weeks.
  2. UC Metro Program - Register for the free EZ Ride Card at https://secure.uc.edu/metrocard/.
  3. The UC Student Disability Services Offices at UC Uptown Campus, UC Blue Ash College and UC Clermont College are available to assist eligible individuals in completing online requirements.  Contact them:
  4. Email Metro employee: De'Anna Tinsley (DTinsley@go-metro.com) to advise that you are:
    • Registered and approved for Access services;
    • Registered for an EZ Ride Card, and;
    • Would like to receive valid Access ride tickets mailed to an address that you provide in your email.

Procedure for riding Access using the EZ Ride Card:

  1. Show Access-issued ID; and
  2. Show Access ride ticket; and
  3. Show valid EZ Ride Card; and
  4. Pay the required Ride Fee to the Access driver.  Ride fee is either:
    • $2.00 for each ride within the City of Cincinnati, or
    • $3.00 for each ride outside the City of Cincinnati.