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How Does the UC*Metro Program Work?

The UC*Metro Program is offered to enrolled UC students and UC employees to help defray their cost of transportation when riding Metro buses. With each new semester, UC students and UC employees must:

  • Apply online to receive a new discount card that will be valid for the semester. Program eligibility is determined at the time of online application. Your discount card will be mailed to the address you provide at the time of online application, so it is important that you enter all information accurately, including apartment number and zip code.
  • Use and swipe the valid discount card in the farebox onboard Metro to receive the transportation discount. Depending on which card you choose, and where you travel on Metro, you may have to pay additional fare.  Metro fareboxes accept US coins and paper money, but they do not provide change, so it is best to have exact fare when you are paying. 

Although two types of discount cards are offered, UC students and employees may only use one type of discount card during each semester.  The current choices are:

  1. UC*Metro Discount Card
  2. EZ Ride Discount Card

Both the UC*Metro and the EZ Ride Discount Cards:

  • Are valid for the same semester time period -- they become valid on the first day of the semester and they expire on the first day of the following semester.
  • May be used 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, for unlimited rides per day wherever Metro buses travel.  The discount cards are not restricted to traveling to or from campus.
  • Carry the name and photograph of the UC cardholder and may not be used by anyone else. They are only valid for the person to whom they are issued.  Sharing of a discount card is not permitted; misuse may result in confiscation and ineligibility for further program participation.

Which Discount Card Should You Choose?



ACCESS Transportation Riders - Special Note:

UC students and employees who are eligible to use Access Transportation may participate in the UC*Metro Program.  Please register each semester and choose the EZ Ride Discount Card option.

Transportation through Access will require eligible riders to show their EZ Ride Discount Card, in addition to presenting the appropriate Access ride ticket and their Access ID, and paying the appropriate Zone fee. 

Please follow this link to read about the detailed procedures for use of the EZ Ride Discount Card with Access transportation. 

The UC Student and Employee Disability Services Offices at UC Uptown Campus, UC Blue Ash College and UC Clermont College are available to assist eligible individuals in completing online requirements.