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UC*Metro Program Registration Instructions

Registration is only available online.  Apply at: https://secure.uc.edu/metrocard/ or select the UC*Metro Program Registration Link at the top of the UC*Metro Program home page.

ENTER your UC Central Login Service (CLS) Username and Password and your eligibility will be reviewed. If you have problems with your Username or Password you must contact the UCit Help Desk at 513-556-HELP (513-556-4357).

Based upon your eligibility, one of the following will display:

I.   ELIGIBLE:  If you are Eligible to participate, entry to the Application Site will open so you may complete your discount card application by completing Steps A through D:

A. Select either EZ Ride Discount Card or UC Metro Discount Card you have chosen to use.

B. Complete the registration form by providing:

(a) Accurate U.S. Postal Service mailing address.  Include your apartment number (if any) following the street name, and an accurate Zip Code. The discount card will be mailed to the address provided within five (5-7) business days after registration is submitted. Weekends, and U.S. postal holidays are not counted as business days.

(b) Accurate payment and billing information is critical when payment is required. You will be prompted to pay online by credit or debit card.  Students may also opt to charge their discount card costs to their UC Student Bill.

(c) Accurate email address for contact purposes.

C. "Submit" the registration form by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  A confirmation number is sent to the email address you provide.

D.  Questions may be sent to Marie.Sutthoff@uc.edu; please include your "M" number (located above your photo on your UC Photo ID Badge.)

II.   INELIGIBLE:  If you are Ineligible to participate, the following message will display: "You are not eligible to use this application." Questions about eligibility may be sent to Marie.Sutthoff@uc.edu; please include your name and your UC Identification "M" number (located above your photo on your UCID to assist in the review process.