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UC*Metro Program Details


All requests for a discount card require online application. The application site will validate program eligibility with each request that is attempted.  Questions about eligibility may be sent to Marie.Sutthoff@uc.edu; please include your UC Identification "M" number (located above your photo on your UC Photo ID Badge.)


All UC Students and Employees must have a valid UC Photo Identification Badge (UCID) before applying for a discount card because the UC ID photo is placed on the discount card.  If your photograph is not on file with UC Public Safety, a discount card cannot be created.  If you do not possess a valid UCID, telephone 513-556-4925 or visit UC Public Safety at 4 Edwards Center (on Main Campus) or the Security Offices at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont Campuses to request your UCID before applying for a discount card.


Discount cards are valid for one semester only (fall, spring or summer), and become valid on the first day of a semester and expire on the first day of the following semester.  The cards carry embedded expiration dates; the semester name and expiration date are printed on the card, above the cardholder’s photograph. 

Frequency of Issue:

Because the cards expire, participants must reapply for a new discount card for every subsequent semester in which they wish to participate in the Program.

Delivery of Discount Cards:

All discount cards are mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the mailing address submitted on the registration form provided by the UC student or employee.  Contact Marie.Sutthoff@uc.edu to request alternate delivery options before submitting your online registration, and include your name and UCID "M" number.

Lost Discount Cards:

Replacement of a lost discount card occurs online and students and employees must pay $50 to replace their lost card. 

Switching Discount Cards:

A discount card holder may switch card types once per semester by entering the registration site, selecting the alternate card type, and paying any required costs.  When switching to another card type, the initial discount card becomes invalid and may not be used for further transportation discounts.