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UC*Metro Program Details


All requests for a discount card require online application. The application site will validate program eligibility with each request that is attempted.  


All UC Students and Employees must have a valid UC Photo Identification Badge (UCID) before applying for a discount card because the UC ID photo is placed on the discount card.  If your photograph is not on file with UC Public Safety, a discount card cannot be created.  If you do not possess a valid UCID, telephone 513-556-4925 or visit UC Public Safety at 4 Edwards Center (on Main Campus) or the Security Offices at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont Campuses to request your UCID before applying for a discount card.


Discount cards are valid for one semester only (fall, spring or summer), and become valid on the first day of a semester and expire on the first day of the following semester.  The cards carry embedded expiration dates; the semester name and expiration date are printed on the card, above the cardholder’s photograph. 

Frequency of Issue:

Because the cards expire, participants must reapply for a new discount card for every subsequent semester in which they wish to participate in the Program.

Delivery of Discount Cards:

All discount cards are mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the mailing address submitted on the registration form provided by the UC student or employee.