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Riding Metro - How and Where

How to Ride Metro

Metro has prepared the following brochure, web pages and videos to explain how to ride their vehicles, how their fareboxes work, and how to bike and ride:

Route Maps and Bus Schedules:
  • Call Metro at 513-621-4455 from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM weekdays for answers to all your questions.
  • Printed bus schedules, supplied by Metro, are also available at the McMicken Commons Entrance (historic west entrance) of UC's Tangeman University Center (Level 3, near the MainStreet Connections Center).
Map of Bus Stop Locations in Uptown near the University of Cincinnati


Where Can I Travel from UC's Main Campus?

1. Eight routes serve UC's main campus seven days a week unless otherwise noted:

  • Rt. 17 Seven Hills, Mt. Healthy, Mt. Airy, Northgate
  • Rt. 19 Colerain Ave. – Northgate
  • Rt. 24 Mt. Washington, Anderson
  • Rt. 31 Evanston – West End Crosstown
  • Rt. 38 Glenway – Crossing Uptown Express
  • Rt. 46  Avondale
  • Rt. 51 Glenway Crossing - Hyde Park Crosstown
  • Rt. 78 Springdale – Vine/Lincoln Heights
  • Metro*Plus

2.  Metro serves UC Blue Ash College and UC Victory Parkway Campus:

     A.   Rt. 4     Blue Ash serves UC Blue Ash College (Monday through Friday)  Directions:  From Main Campus, you can take Rt. 51 and transfer to the Rt. 4 in Blue Ash (or take any other route heading downtown to catch Rt. 4 at Government Square.)

    B.  Several routes travel within a 5-10 minute walk of the UC Victory Parkway campus

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