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Fiscal Coordinating Committee

Fiscal Coordinating Committee

About FCC

The Fiscal Coordinating Committee (FCC) acts as an advisory to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance. Its charge is to help facilitate integrated decisions around fiscal planning and priorities.  Participatory task forces (e.g., Performance-Based Budget Team) are convened and report to the Fiscal Coordinating Committee. The Fiscal Coordinating Committee interfaces with the Academic Operations Committee.  

FCC members include faculty, administrators, and representatives from undergraduate and graduate student governments.


Meeting Schedule


Monthly or as needed

Faculty/Student Involvement

Faculty Senate is represented by the chair and a member of its budget committee. Undergraduate and graduate student governments are represented.


Lindsey Dolan

Bob Ambach, chair

Lou Bilionis

Debi Galloway

Jan Hawk

Tracy Herrmann

Chia-Chi Ho

Chase Johnson

Lori Mackey

Ay├ža Mazman

Caroline Miller

Andrew Naab

Jim Plummer

Kathy Qualls

Cady Short-Thompson