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Government Cost Compliance

  About Us

The mission of Government Cost Compliance is to ensure university-wide compliance with applicable federal cost principles and established university policies.  We accomplish this by providing accurate and timely financial data to support central administration decision-making; communicating rates, policies and guidelines to the university community; and serving as a central resource for consistent cost treatment and training.

University Hall, Suite 560
51 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio  45221-0225

Campus mail:  ML 0225
Office phone   513-556-4815
Office fax:       513-556-6469





Lisa Deckard
Director, Business Affairs

Hoerst, Linda

Linda Hoerst
Accountant II


Kevin Lauer
Financial Analyst II


Arin Napier
Financial Analyst II
Labor Verification


Janet Brown
Accountant II
Service Centers



Susan Poulos
Contract Employee


Government Cost Compliance

Federal Rate


F&A Rate Agreement FY17-20

F&A Components FY17-20

Fringe Benefits Rate Memo FY2018

Federally-negotiated fringe rate agreement FY18

Fringe Benefit Rate Components FY17 through FY19

Fringe Benefit and Facilities and Administrative Rates FY18


Fringe Benefits Rate Memo FY2017

Federally-negotiated fringe rate agreement FY17

Fringe Benefit Rate Components FY16 through FY18

Fringe Benefit and Facilities and Administrative Rates FY17


Fringe Benefits Rate Memo FY2016

Federally-negotiated fringe rate agreement FY16

Fringe Benefit and Facilities and Administrative Rates FY16

Labor Verification

Labor Verification Training

BA LVS Instructions

PI  LVS Instructions

FAQs - Labor Verification

Institutional Base Salary

FAQs - Institutional Base Salary

  Dually-Compensated Effort  

Dually-Compensated Effort Procedure

  Guide to Managing Receipt of External Funds

Guide to Managing Receipt of External Funds

  9 Month Faculty Compressed Effort

FAQs - 9 month Faculty Compressed Effort

Effort Compression Calculator

Salary Cost Transfer

Salary Cost Transfer FAQs

Salary Cost Transfer Request can be found via this link to the Alphabetical List of SRS forms

Service Centers

Service Center Recharge Accounting Procedures

Service Center Policies & Procedures Manual

Service Center FAQ's

Service Center Contact Information

Space Survey Training

Space Survey Training (link to doc)

UC Space Management (link to Space Survey Training Materials on website)

UC Space Management (website with link to UC Space Management System)


Allowability, Reasonableness, and Allocability of Cost on Sponsored Projects Policy

Cost Transfer Policy

Effort Commitment Policy

F&A Rates for Sponsored Projects

Fringe Benefit Rates for Sponsored Projects

Financial Fraud Policy

Labor Verification on Sponsored Projects Policy (formerly Effort Reporting on Sponsored Projects)

Service Center Policy

UC Financial Policies

*A Primer on Facilities and Administrative Costs is an in-depth reference for the policy

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