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University Fine Arts Collection


The University of Cincinnati Fine Art Collection is being relocated and inventoried. No art will be lent out until this process is completed. Please check this site for updated information regarding an anticipated date of completion.

The University Architect/Real Estate Services (“RES”), in collaboration with the University Provost Office, is responsible for the management of the University’s Fine Arts Collection (“the Collection”). Please contact Planning + Design + Construction at 556-1933 to remove art from your office.

If an office currently holds art requiring removal due to renovations, please coordinate with Planning + Design + Construction for the relocation of the artwork. When art is removed from an office, the University Fine Arts Collection Record Change Form must be completed. Each University agency borrowing art will have to cover the relocation costs.

If a University agency currently has a piece of the Collection and does not have an up-to-date Loan Agreement, please fill out the University Fine Arts Collection Loan Agreement and return to ML 0186.

Contact Information for removal of art:
Phone: (513)556-1933