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Campus Beautification Plan

Campus Beautification PlanSector 1 Clifton Arc Historic Ridge


The University of Cincinnati's campus has a storied history and evolution. As the university approaches its 200th year, the West Campus since 1889, has integrated buildings, landscapes, athletic fields, functional elements and site improvements into the wooded acreage that was once the south portion of Burnet Woods City Park. Today's architecture, landscape architecture and site elements of the transformed campus are set over a landlocked foundation of landform, landscape, historical buildings and access as well as a framework of contemporary master planning efforts beginning with the Campus Plan of 1995. 

Since the transformation, the University of Cincinnati campus has gained international recognition as an icon of architectural and landscape architectural design. The evolution of the university’s campus has occurred over a 15-year period by systematically updating the more-than-100-year-old campus to meet one of the most important contemporary challenges facing university administrators: how to attract the best and the brightest students, faculty, and staff in a highly competitive market.

The Campus Beautification Plan promotes sustainability, enhances campus walkability, establishes connection between important places, and creates positive open spaces that unify buildings and landscapes.  To organize information and create smaller, more manageable areas for the development of the Landscape Guidelines both East and West Campus have been divided into Sectors.  These are illustrated in the maps on the left.