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Nippert Stadium Renovation


Announcement from Planning + Design + Construction

Nippert Construction continues into the summer with the start of Structural Steel work in mid-July.  The frame of the building will rapidly take shape over the following several months.

Wayfinding and logistics will be expanded from the current arrangement to include the East Concourse.  During August the perimeter fence will be enlarged and pedestrian traffic will be shifted from the EAST concourse to the [upper] Varsity Village Plaza.  The Rec Center Bridge will remain open as well as the north end zone bleachers for runners.  The east concourse will be gated for access for service, construction and UC and Athletics operations only.

The logistics and wayfinding map will be updated and posted in advance of the start of Fall Semester 2014. Click here for map.

Please be extra cautious when walking around campus and especially when crossing the roads and plaza areas that lead to the site.

The Office of Planning + Design + Construction will release regular updates on the progress of the work and any related changes to logistics.  You may contact 556-1933 with any questions or concerns.

For the East Concourse Logistics Highlights click here