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Nippert Stadium Renovation


Announcement from Planning + Design + Construction

When students return to classes in January 2014 the Nippert Renovation Project will be under way and construction related traffic down Corry and Woodside Drives will become more prevalent than in recent past.

During the semester break construction fencing will be set up and way finding signs installed to detour pedestrians around the site in the center of campus.  Essentially Bearcat Way (the area between TUC and Nippert) will be closed off.  Pedestrians will be routed around the site via the TUC Bridge, REC Center Bridge and the East concourse of Nippert.

Other items of note:

  • The stadium playing field will be closed and covered with a tarp
  • Catskeller patrons will need to enter thru TUC (levels 2 and 3) rather than the lower level entrance by Nippert
  • MainStreet will continue to be a pedestrian zone and not for construction traffic
  • East side bleacher seating will be available for runners

The Office of Planning Design and Construction will release regular updates on the progress of the work and any related changes to logistics.  Please also check our website for an updated logistics map.  You may contact 556-1933 with any questions or concerns.

Please be extra cautious when walking around campus and especially when  crossing the roads and plaza areas that lead to the site.


Second Shift Notice 2/10/14

Second shift will continue as weather permits.

The Drilling Contractor is mobilizing today and for the next 2 weeks large load deliveries will enter campus from both Woodside and Corry.  These deliveries will be the pieces and parts needed to assemble 2 cranes needed for the next  phase of the work - deep foundations.