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View Room Schedule/Availability Application

Welcome to the upgraded Room Schedule application.  The application has been upgraded to make it even more valuable.

Our friends in UCit have created the new application that allows you to search for event information by room.  Information available includes both Classes/Courses and Meetings in one easy to use place. (Only meetings scheduled through Campus Scheduling or by using the R25 scheduling software are available in this application)

To use the application follow the easy steps below.

1. Click the link below labeled "View Room Schedule/Availability Application"
2. Sign in using your standard 6+2 username and password
3. Select where the building or location that you are interested in resides
4. Select the room or location you would like to see schedule information for
5. Change the date you would like to see by clicking the arrows above the calendar
6. Change the viewable time period by selecting the Day, Week or Month above the calendar

View Room Schedule/Availability Application

Scheduling of rooms is not done through this application. If you are a member of the UC community, go to
If you are from outside of UC, contact Conference & Event Services at 513-558-1810.