UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability


The University of Cincinnati Uptown Campus has undergone major changes over the past decade, including the conversion of dozens of acres of surface parking and concrete into welcoming landscapes and pedestrian routes.

UC is committed to providing more greenspace, more trees, and more sustainable landscape maintenance processes. A summary of these programs and processes can be found in the Landscape Guide.  Some initiatives include the UC Garden, the Stormwater Management Master Plan, and Trees for Tomorrow.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan is utilized by the Grounds Maintenance team.  The IPM covers fertilizer and herbicide use and insect control on both turf and ornamental beds.  Fertilizer applications are limited to turf areas at specific times of year in limited quantities.  Cultural practices are used to avoid use of herbicide and insecticide as much as possible.  When chemical intervention is deemed necessary, spot applications limited to the smallest area possible are made.

Landscape guide