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UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Bearcat Recycling

Bearcat Recycling is the University of Cincinnati's program to recycle at special events and athletics games on campus. Started in Autumn 2007 as 'Tailgate Recycling,' volunteers focused on recycling during tailgating at home football games. By the 2008 football season, the program had expanded to include recycling during the games, working with vendors to get cardboard and plastic bottles. In 2009 Bearcat Recycling expanded to include other large events on campus such as Relay for Life and Sigma Sigma Carnival.

In 2010 Bearcat Recycling was expanded to include all special events and athletics games on the Uptown Campus. This was accomplished in part with a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for additional carts and bins and funding from student activity fees which enabled the Office of Sustainability to hire twelve Sustainability Advocates to staff the program.

Bearcat Recycling Stats

academic year total recycled number of events
2007-2008 0.3 tons 3 football games
2008-2009 0.6 tons 6 football games
2009-2010 5.4 tons 6 football games, 3 special events
2010-2011 10.2 tons 59 athletic events, 11 special events
2011-2012 10.3 tons 57 athletic events, 9 special events

Want to recycle at your special event?

Contact Claire Sweigart, Sustainability Coordinator, at

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