UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Events & Programming

UC offers many sustainability-related programs and educational outreach, all free and open to the public.  Below are some examples of these opportunities.  Follow the links below, check our Events Calendar and sign up for our listserv, green@listserv.uc.edu, for upcoming opportunities!


UC Sustainability Events Fall 2017

8/21 FILM: Before the Flood

6:00pm TUC Cinema

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world to examine firsthand the effects of climate change, and to learn more about possible ways to prevent catastrophic damage that could make the Earth unsustainable for human life. During his journey, he speaks with such influential figures as President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and tech innovator Elon Musk, and makes a speech before the United Nations calling for greater action on this issue.

9/11 FILM: Marathon for Justice

6:00pm TUC Cinema

"Marathon for Justice" tells the story of past and present environmental inequalities in the United States, and explores some of the ways in which people of color have been disproportionately exposed to toxic chemicals and poisonous releases in the air, on the land, and in the water. The film introduces us to communities around the country who have experienced the detrimental effects of pollution, contamination and the degradation of their lands, and shows how these citizens are mobilizing in the long race for justice.

9/14: Tour: UC Surplus Management

3:00pm 5121 Fishwick Dr.

The Surplus Management Department serves the university community in all matters relating to the proper handling of all end of life cycle assets. Our process is based on following all applicable procedures, regulations and best practices for the proper disposal of assets. The mission at UC Surplus Management is to always follow the principles of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and at the same time, continually strive to find solutions that best serve the entire University of Cincinnati community.

9/18: Living in the Neighborhood Series

6:00pm TUC Cinema

9/25 FILM: More than Honey

6:00pm TUC Cinema

More than Honey follows beekeepers, scientists and others that discuss the world's declining bee population, what it may mean for modern society, and what we can do to help them thrive.

10/12 TOUR: UC Central Utility Plant


Curious about our energy infrastructure at the University of Cincinnati
Join us in taking a tour of the UC Central Utility Plant! 

Central Utility Plant
3000 Glendora Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221

10/16 FILM: Living on One Dollar

6:00pm TUC Cinema

In rural Guatemala, four friends battle illness, parasites and hunger as they experiment with living on just $1 a day for eight weeks.

10/23 Living in the Neighborhood Series

6:00pm TUC Cinema

11/9 Lecture + Book Talk:

Adam Brock: Change Here Now - Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation

7:00pm TUC Cinema 

Adam Brock is an award-winning social entrepreneur and permaculturalist based in his hometown of Denver, CO. His work lies at the intersection of urban agriculture, sustainable business, and social change. In 2009, Adam co-founded The GrowHaus, a food justice nonprofit, and served as its Director of Operations until 2014. He is active in the local and national permaculture communities, serving on the board of the Denver Permaculture Guild and organizing committee of the inaugural North American Permaculture Convergence. He has been a TEDxMileHigh speaker, a contributor and guest editor of Permaculture Design Magazine (formerly Permaculture Activist), and serves on Denver's Sustainable Food Policy Council.

11/27: Living in the Neighborhood Series

6:00pm TUC Cinema

12/4 FILM: We Are All Related Here

6:00PM TUC Cinema

We Are All Related Here is a beautiful film about our urgent need to support coastal communities as they adapt to enormous environmental challenges in the U.S. The film was incredibly useful for teaching about the impacts of climate change and environmental policy within indigenous communities to my undergraduate Human Ecology class. Students were enthralled, engaged, and walked away wanting to know what they can do to support the people of Newtok. I highly recommend this potent and picturesque film.





Outreach & Volunteer Opportunities

  • Bearcat Recycling
  • UC Garden
  • Campus Conservation Nationals
  • Make a Difference Day
  • Operation Move-In Recycle
  • Re*Use Market
  • Trees for Tomorrow

To learn more about volunteer activities on campus, visit the Center for Community Engagement.