UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Scavenger Hunt

To get you acquainted with UC's sustainability efforts, the Office of Sustainability is hosting a scavenger hunt around campus from Sept. 9 - 22!


1.    You have two weeks to complete this scavenger hunt, Monday, September 9 to Sunday, September 22.  All submissions must be emailed to green@uc.edu by midnight on September 22.

2.    Each clue is worth a certain amount of points. The individual or team with the most points wins the scavenger hunt.  Students are allowed to work together in teams, but each team can only win one prize for all its members to share.

3.    Each individual or team will receive bonus points for posting photos of the clue on the Office of Sustainability‚Äôs Facebook page; however, it must be stated in the clue if you will receive bonus points.

4.    You must take a photo at each site, regardless of whether you have to post it on Facebook.

5.    Your final submission must include photos of every site you visited.  Consideration will be taken for creative/funny photos. (Note: We do not want offensive/grotesque photos. You may be disqualified for submitting these types of photos).   

PRIZES include:

  • Gift certificates to Findlay Market
  • A kitchen compost collection bin and bags
  • Grateful Grahams cookies
  • Reusable shopping and produce bags
  • Bicycle lights
  • Reusable water bottles
  • UC|sustainability T-shirts
  • And more!