Efficiency Council

Efficiency Council

Efficiency Council


The Efficiency Council (EC) is charged with exploring opportunities for increasing efficiencies and effectiveness in UC’s support operations and making recommendations about prioritizing and implementing those opportunities with the goal of improving operations and processes to create added value and reduce cost.

Opportunities for increased efficiencies and cost savings may be found in procurement, administration and facilities and academic support. The Council will identify and examine common symptoms of inefficiency such as fragmentation, redundancy, lack of standardization, unneeded hierarchy, and lack of automation evident in UC’s administrative and academic support practices and processes.  Actions to improve efficiencies could include enhanced spend management, consolidating operations, shared services, improving processes, strengthening controls, and outsourcing where appropriate.

Given the potential scope of its work, the Council will establish work groups or action teams to focus on specific areas, functions or processes. For example, focus areas might include spend management, shared services, outsourcing, space utilization, including classroom utilization, asset management, and IT.

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Use the links below to help share the news about efficiencies being pursued in the UC community, as well as ideas the Council can investigate.

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  • Carol Metzger, co-chair, Administration and Finance
  • Kathy  Qualls, co-chair, Office of the Provost
  • Erin Ascher, Human Resources
  • Cathy Barnes, Administration and Finance
  • Gigi Escoe, Office of the Provost
  • Jan Hawk, Academic Health Center
  • Martine Hodges, Administration and Finance
  • Hal Jankowski, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Pallavi Patel, Campus Services
  • Jim Plummer, Finance
  • Andy Porter, Space Management
  • Luci Simon, SACUB
  • Jane Strasser, Research
  • Nelson Vincent, UCIT
  • Rick Wiggins, Facilities Management
  • Rina Williams, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences