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REVISED 1098-T for 2016

What happened to my 2016 Form 1098-T?

We posted a revised 2016 Form 1098-T in Catalyst on February 17.  This form replaces and supersedes the Form 1098-T we originally posted on January 30.


Why did UC make this revision?

We found that the original forms contained a number of issues, primarily surrounding how data for Fall Semester 2016 and Spring Semester 2017 was reported in our supplemental table, and how those dollar amounts were included in box 2 or box 5.

That issue largely affected students whose tuition was paid by scholarships, grants, tuition remission or other waivers.  We have adjusted those amounts in box 2 and box 5, so that they are now consistent with how we have reported them in previous years.


Why is the supplemental table now gone?

That "1098-T Supplement" is not, and never has been, a mandatory part of our 1098-T reporting.  UC has provided that supplement in past years as our voluntary effort to provide you with important and helpful information, including payments we received from you during the year, that would not otherwise appear on your actual Form 1098-T from UC.

For calendar year 2016, we found that trying to combine two semesters of data under our former student account system (One Stop / UniverSIS) with two semesters under our new Catalyst system was problematic, and students' data for those two halves of the year were being reported inconsistently with each other.

We also found other errors in the table that did not affect the actual Form 1098-T.  These errors included incorrect calculation of payments we received under our Tuition Payment Plan.  Other issues may have occurred, as well.

So, we have removed the supplement for 2016 reporting, to avoid that confusion.


Without that supplemental table from UC, can I still obtain that information, including what I paid in 2016?

Yes.  The information formerly in our supplement is available from a variety of sources.  Primarily, we recommend that each student obtain a copy of their student bill for each relevant semester.  Those bills will show the charges you incurred and how they were paid.  Those bills are available for Fall 2016 and forward in Catalyst (My Finances / Account Summary / View Term Bill), and for Summer 2016 and prior in One Stop (Finances / View/Pay My Bill).

As always, we suggest you also keep copies of other relevant records, including your own bank or credit card records showing the dates and amounts of your payments to UC.


If I already filed my 2016 tax return, will I have to file an amended return?

That depends on your own financial situation, and you may wish to consult with a tax professional.  Many students will see no change to their actual Form 1098-T.  For the largest affected portion of students, whose tuition for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 was paid by scholarships and grants, we anticipate the revision will have no effect on your eligibility to claim a federal tax credit on your 2016 tax return.


What information will UC send to IRS?

As always, IRS will receive only the information UC reports on your actual Form 1098-T.  For 2016, this includes ONLY the information on your REVISED Form 1098-T.  UC is not required to, and does not, provide our 1098-T data to IRS until March each year.

Please remember that UC reports tuition amounts to you and IRS on the basis of the amount billed (not the amount you paid) during each calendar year.  Box 2 of your Form 1098-T is this total amount billed, and may very well be different than the amount you paid during the year.

The supplemental table is not, and never has been, a part of UC's annual reporting to IRS.


What if I have other questions?

We have answered many common 1098-T questions on our FAQ page, and you may find your answer there.

If not, you may contact our Tax Compliance office at