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Tax Forms and Publications for International Visitors

Form 1042-S

Each year UC sends Form 1042-S to many of our students and scholars from outside the United States.  This form contains important tax information that may be necessary for the visitor to complete his or her US income tax return document.  UC expects to issue Forms 1042-S each February or early March.

Please consult the UC International Services website for notices about when Form 1042-S will be available, and what to do with your Form 1042-S if you receive it.

Form 8233 and Form W-8BEN

International visitors from certain countries use these forms to apply for "treaty benefits" if they are eligible.  Visit our Tax Treaties page for further information on those treaties.

Links to the IRS forms and instructions are included here for your reference.  However, we strongly recommend that visitors and UC departments ask UC International Services to produce and complete these forms for the visitor's signature.

IRS Form 8233 -- for payments of compensation to speakers and other indepedent contractors.  IRS Instructions for Form 8233.

IRS Form W-8BEN -- for payments of scholarships/fellowships (including related travel expenses).  IRS Instructions for Form W-8BEN.

Canadian Form TL11A

Each year UC sends Canadian tax form TL11A (Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate -- University Outside Canada) to our Canadian students to assist them in preparing their Canadian tax returns.

Form TL11A is only for Canadian tax returns.

Likewise, IRS Form 1098-T is only for US tax returns.  Students should not use IRS Form 1098-T to prepare their Canadian tax returns.

We produce Form TL11A for those students whose UC student record includes Canada as their Country of Citizenship.  Students can contact our One Stop Service Center to confirm whether their record includes Canadian citizenship, and to request that UC add Canadian citizenship to their record.

UC expects to issue Canadian Forms TL11A by early April.  Students can request a Form TL11A after that time by sending a request including their full name and UCID number to

Filing your U.S. Federal and State Tax Returns

UC International Services offers free assistance to our international visitors seeking to file their annual U.S. tax returns (Form 1040NR, etc.).

Helpful IRS Publications

Publication 519, US Tax Guide for Aliens
Publication 901, US Tax Treaties