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Cadre and Staff

Lt. Colonel Moore

Lieutenant Colonel Tyler K. Moore

Lt Col Moore is the Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies for the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment 665 at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In this capacity, he directs recruiting, educating, training, and character building of students from among twelve universities and colleges for commissioning into the United States Air Force as second lieutenants.

Lt Col Moore is from Spokane, WA.  He attended the United States Air Force Academy where he received his commission in 1993.  He attended the Air Force Intelligence Operations Officer course at Goodfellow AFB, TX as his first Air Force assignment His subsequent assignments cover a broad range of activities including advanced foreign technologies analysis, intelligence support to air operations, special operations intelligence activities, acquisition intelligence, deployed combat staff activities, survival training support, and intelligence capabilities and requirements management.

Mr. Clayton Izumi

Program Director

Captain Joshua Shimko 

Operations Flight Commander

Captain Kyle Lamberth

Recruiting Flight Commander

TSgt Tonya Elmore

NCOIC, Personnel

SSgt Jeffrey Benz

NCOIC, Knowlege Ops